Friday, January 13, 2017

The End

. . . of the Joyful World SAL for me! Yes, December is finished and I'm quite happy with it.

December - Joyful World SAL

I solved my problem with the white dove getting lost on the background by backstitching around it. My first try was with gray, but that came out. Second try was with the same blue that I used in the base; the more I stitched it in, the better I liked it. Many thanks to Maja at The Snowflower Diaries for gifting the stitching world with this wonderful SAL! 

Spot of Winter has taken another turn out from my wip pile. It's coming along rather nicely and should be finished real soon. DT designs usually call for one strand of floss and the first bit I stitched had to come out because I normally stitch 2 over 2 and I just went into autopilot when starting it this session with two threads. No biggie, pulled it out and started again.

The Drawn Thread - Spot of Winter
Ooooeeeee, we're still in the deep freeze! When I went to the bank the afternoon, my car said it was 8 degrees. Luckily no new snow the last couple of days. But schools were closed three days this week and late start the last two - and we have a holiday on Monday. When school closes or starts late, we do not have adult ESL classes so I haven't seen my students for three weeks now. I'm eager to get back and find out how they've done during this extreme weather. That is if any show up for class Tuesday as they have a hard time coming out when it's so cold. But they say we will have freezing rain on Tuesday, so class may be cancelled that day too! Argh!!!

Another weekend is upon us and I'm looking forward to watching the Seahawks game Saturday with some of my kids who enjoy football. Chili is on the menu - sounds so good for a cold day. With the extreme cold, I've turned down the thermostat a bit as the heat pump just can't keep up, so hot soup is perfect - and I have my heating pad on my stitching chair and lots of blankets out. 

Hoping for a warming trend next week!!


Barb said...

Spot of winter is so pretty and Dec. Joyful is perfect. That was a lovely series. I sure hope that freezing rain stays away. I guess I should not complain, just freezing cold here. No snow at all.

diamondc said...

I like what you did with the dove, perfect outlining.
I do not like cold weather, we live in Minnesota so we get a combination of rain, sleet, snow and of course icy roads.
I can only imaging how you want to get back to work, I felt the same way when I would take a two week vacation, I could not wait to get back.
I am retired now but do miss the people I came in contact with, I worked in Emergency Services, I miss the doctors and other people.


Pamela said...

Lovely winter stitching!

Vickie said...

Hooray for the Joyful World finish! Spot of Winter looks so good. :) Yes, we had chili night the other night.;) Keep warm.

Robin in Virginia said...

Spot of Winter is looking good. Congratulations on getting the December block finished. I like the deer and also like the blue used for backstitching the dove. Enjoy your weekend!

Annie said...

Yea for finishing the SAL. I just let the dove be the dove and stopped worrying about the contrast, but backstitching was a good idea. Got plans for a finish-finish?

Spot of Winter is nice piece. Try to stay warm in your winter spot!

Julie said...

The dove does look nice backstitched. I've kitted my last one up this morning.

Brigitte said...

We are also suffering from a real cold wave and the weatherman says that it will last for another week. Not what I was hoping for. Oh well.
Congratulations on finishing The Joyful World SAL