About Me

On the Dry Side? Where'd that title come from?

Mainly it's a reference to the area where I live. Many people think of Seattle when you say you're from Washington State, acres of forests, and most of all - rain.  But Washington has two sides. With the Cascade mountains confining most of the rainfall to the west side (wet side), the east side is the dry side. In my part of Eastern Washington, we're lucky to get 8 inches of rain a year, and usually it's less. Less rain, fewer people, no traffic jams, but we have lots of agriculture including wine grapes. There are hundreds of wineries within a seventy mile radius of my home! So this blog is about my life here in the desert of Eastern Washington State.

It could also refer to my sense of humor, my taste in wine, and sadly, my writing. :)

I'm a Christian, wife, mother of 7 mostly grown kids, nana to 5 grandchildren, former homeschooler. Once an executive secretary, my focus shifted to my home and family with the birth of our first baby and there was no going back. I fell hard for that baby and just had to have more. Over the course of 15 years, God gave us all we could handle, including a set of identical twin boys, and a surprise baby girl at the end.
With an almost empty nest, I'm wanting to explore those creative arts I've been interested in, maybe dabbled in, but lacked time for when I had a very full nest. But making that change is harder than I expected. Not that I'm all emotional when the kids leave home, after all the goal was to raise capable, independent adults. But the house feels weird when it's so quiet and kids aren't running in and out all the time. The chores that once consumed my day, are  now done quite quickly. Giving myself permission to spend time on projects is coming slowly. And I have a lot decluttering to do from all the childrearing, homeschooling, and changing interests of both mine and my husband's. A LOT, but not to the extent as that seen on Extreme Hoarders. :)

I hope you'll join me as I cross-stitch, embroider, read, smock, sew, play with papercrafts and stamps, garden, travel, and enjoy my ever-growing family!

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