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Zone 6b/7a

The previous owners of our house would be shocked at the changes we've made to the yard. Some areas have been neglected, others totally transformed. I think their vision for the yard was to create a little bit of Seattle. They planted so many trees on this small lot that the back yard, north facing, received very little sun. The upside of the trees was that they helped keep the house cool in the summer when all we had was one wall a/c unit in the main living area.

In 2003, we had a new ducted system installed and I began work on the back yard and on the area next to the garage. After the 50 ft pines tree were gone, I began to dig down 18-24 inches down, taking out roots and rocks too numerous to be counted. This took a very long time and I sometimes got help from my daughter's boyfriend (now husband) to remove some of the large roots and rocks. Then I got horse manure from a friend and started refilling the area. Finally I was able to plant the roses I so desired!

The first garden I planted was the Upper Garden, next to the garage.  As with most things, this also took awhile as I couldn't afford to fill the garden all at once. The following roses are currently growing there.

Upper Rose Garden

Compassion - Modern Climber, medium height, salmon pink (Harkness)
Penny Lane - Modern climber, medium height, honey/champagne color (Harkness)
Tower Bridge - Hybrid tea, smaller, mauve, (Harkness)
The Generous Gardener - Short climber, soft pink (Austin)
Dove - smaller size, light pink to white (Austin)
Graham Thomas - Short climber, rich yellow (Austin)
Abraham Darby - English rose, tall shrub, apricot and yellow tinted with pink (Austin)
Geoff Hamilton - English rose, medium shrub, light pink (Austin)
Elina - Hybrid tea, medium shrub, pale yellow (Dickson)
Claire Rose - English rose, medium shrub, light pink (Austin)
Sharifa Asma - English rose, medium shrub, light pink (Austin)
By Appointment - English Legend, small shrub, soft apricot (Harkness)
Winter Magic - Miniature tea, grayish mauve (Ralph Moore)
Louise Clements - Small shrub, intense copper (Clements)
Heirloom - Hybrid tea, medium shrub, lilac/purple (Warriner)
Special Occasion - Hybrid tea, medium shrub, apricot (Fryers)
Chicago Peace - Hybrid tea, medium shrub, phlox pink w/creamy yellow/orange (JOHnago)
Lucky Lady - Grandiflora, tall shrub, pink (ARMlu)
Glamis Castle - English rose, medium shrub, white (Austin)
Lady Jane Grey - English Legend, medium/tall shrub upright, amber overlaid w/blush pink (Harkness)
Lavender Jewel - Miniature tea, mauve (Ralph Moore)
Jude the Obscure - English Rose, medium shrub, apricot yellow (Austin)
Awakening - Climbing rose, silvery pink (Czechoslovakia)

More content to come to include the back garden!

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