Friday, June 16, 2017

Cool Down

While the rest of the West is sweltering, the Northwest has had a bit of a cool down, complete with rain and wind, of course. Moderate temps are always nice for the plants and I'm still enjoying a nice flush of roses.

It's so hard to get pictures when the wind is blowing!

A few weeks back I had a couple of Costco rewards checks to spend. Sometimes I buy myself jewelry, but I spotted a nice looking outdoor chair that I thought would be nice out on our little deck. I had a little bistro table set out there, but it really wasn't that comfortable, and I really enjoy taking morning coffee out there. So I went home and got one of my sons to come help me load up two chairs and set them up at home, and here they are on the deck!

We are using the deck so much more now! Now if the wind would die down so I could take my stitching out there.

Not much stitching happening this week, but I did get a finish that I'll show you next time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


When I last posted, the air conditioning for the house wasn't working. On the 2nd, the repairman came and found that the fan in the outside unit needed to be replaced. Luckily, he had the part and could install it right away. Expensive, of course, but a/c is a necessity to endure summer temperatures here in the Tri-Cities.

The roses are still glorious and the deadheading chore has begun. Actually I don't mind doing it as it gets me outside in the mornings or evenings - the best time of the day around here.

I've spent a little time in my stitching chair, time mostly spent unstitching my progress on Hello Spring.

Hello Spring

You see that stem rising from the lower flower? It is now correctly placed. I had it coming up from the top flower and had even stitched the blue flower on the end of the design before realizing that was a mistake that couldn't be fudged. Sigh.  All of my Sunday stitching time was spent ripping out stitches. And then I didn't stitch for a few days, as sometimes happens after ripping out. But this morning I got the ball rolling again.

Have you tried the pin stitch start that Vonna demonstrated in her latest Flosstube video? If not, you really must - it's a total game changer! Here's the link to her demo: Vonna's Pin Stitch Demo. She starts at about the 8 minute mark in the video.

I had heard her talk about using the pin stitch to start a new thread, and I had even watched a few demos, but went along on my merry way until the other day. Finally it occurred to me to give it a try and I've been hooked ever since. Now it won't work in every situation - like stitching over one thread - but for that Victoria Sampler Christmas Tree Farm and all those little snowflake xs falling in the sky it'll be amazing!

VS- Happy Birthday Sampler
On the Happy Birthday Sampler, I jumped back up to the top of the sampler and got the birthday cake almost done. Those two rows of multi-colored floss are done in the plait stitch - so lovely.

Have a blessed, stitchy week!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Full Bloom

Oh my, the roses! 

I love the first full flush of blooms. The morning air is scented by the roses.

Saturday and Monday (Memorial Day) I spent most of my time doing weed control and mulching. The sun was warm, with temps up in the mid-90s, so I toted my patio umbrella around to shade my work - and still have some good color on my back and shoulders.

Of course, our AC went out just before the heat arrived. We think the problem is with the fan in the heat pump - the repairman will come on Friday. Luckily, Wednesday's temps will be much cooler.

When my allergies got the better of me, I retreated to my stitching chair and I have a finish to share!

Springtime by Cathy Jean for Victoria Sampler
This design of Cathy's isn't my favorite; I think I got it in a gift bag at a retreat. Still, it's a cute little thing and was nice to stitch in between some more complicated things. It was in my stash, with the needed threads in an acc. pack, and I used up a bit of linen leftover from another project. Yay!

Coffee Quaker has received some of my time as well.

Of course, the blue is not charted for blue, but I thought I'd throw it in there. I think I'll just add more blue as inspiration strikes!

I've been feeling a bit of arthritis strike my left thumb joint and holding a frame or hoop has been making the ache worse. I dug out my lap/table stand and tried a little two-handed stitching as well as trying out Vonna's method of holding the needle in the same position up and down, thus the upward part of the stitch is led by the eye end of the needle. After awhile, I found I quite enjoyed using that method and believe it would improve my speed!

I've also worked a bit on the Happy Birthday Sampler, but no photo was taken yet, so the update on that will come soon.

Well, looks like we're getting a storm tonight! The wind just hit town. Batten down the shade sails!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May - Year of Starts

Today is the 17th of the month, so I started a new project for Stitch Maynia on Facebook.

Basting fabric to scroll rods

The latest start is Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery, that very popular design released in Nashville this spring. I have chosen to stitch it on 32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha linen with the called for fibers in the chart, plus I pulled WDW Jay Bird (blue) from my stash. I don't know where I'll be adding the blue, but I think it just needs a little bit of blue! :D

So far this morning I got this much done:

I'm really going to enjoy this one!

The roses are starting to burst with blooms. Here's a few pics taken this morning.

This is the time of year when I feel like all the work I've done is worthwhile.

The big birthday celebration for all my kids is this Saturday afternoon, so I have lots to do to get ready for everyone. The garden is looking good, now to get the menu finalized!

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Mothers' Day!

My last post ended with a bit of a teaser as I had forgotten to take a pic of the final gift from Thea and the Victoria Sampler in honor of their 20th anniversary in business. So here is my new treasure.

All the attendees received this beautiful set of floral-handled scissors with a lovely little tape measure. I love scissors and this is a wonderful addition to my collection!

We've had some lovely days, as well as a thunderstorm of epic proportions! I think all that electricity in the air caused the iris to burst into bloom. The peonies will be open soon, and the roses are getting ready as well, and some of my clematis is blooming. I can hardly wait till the garden is full of color!

As far as stitching goes, I've done a little. On the Happy Birthday Sampler (VS Retreat project) I finished stitching the cupcakes and candles and added flowers to the vine borders.

I've stitched the number 60 in the little server for my own 60th birthday coming up next month. And it's plain crazy that I'll be 60, so I'll just not think about that, lol!

Hello Spring came out to play for a few days this week too.

It's coming right along - perhaps to be finished in time for summer.

Mother's Day is Sunday, so I'm hoping to get a couple of my boys to help me do some yardwork tomorrow. Then on Sunday some of us will be going out for brunch at Tagaris Winery, where my youngest will be working. The environment at Tagaris is really nice and it might even be nice enough to eat out on the patio which is especially lovely.

So I wish all you wonderful mothers a Happy Mothers' Day and everyone a glorious weekend!