Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thorny Thursday

Here's a quick glimpse of the roses blooming this week.

Hyde Hall growing along the west fence

Hyde Hall
Peach Silk

Peach Silk
The extreme heat takes a toll on the blooms. They're smaller, usually less color, and they don't last as long on the bush. After this heat wave passes, it'll be time to fertilize again!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Water, Please!

It's another 100 degree day. I'm not complaining, but then I don't have to be in it all day like some workers. But I do have to get extra water to the roses and even then the new blossoms sometimes dry out in a day and shatter when the spray from the hose hits them. Usually I try to get out and water twice a day, especially after the sun is down a bit to cool the plants off. In the heat (we have low humidity), I don't have to worry about mildew forming on the wet leaves. And while I was finishing May and July from the Joyful World SAL, I fell behind in deadheading - again.

So while I did get a start on April over the weekend, my start on August is lacking. But it's still started!

It's funny how some of the months seem to stitch up so quickly, like April:

April from the Joyful World SAL
I've really had only one stitching session with April, while on August I've taken a couple of days to try to catch up, and just not getting there.

August - Joyful World SAL
But the roses are watered and I'm getting caught up on the deadheading. Then after dark, I've been taking a little walk up my street to soak up the warmth for those short cold winter days that will come.

Stay out of the heat if you can and drink lots of water, just like my roses! :)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Finishes

Sure 'nuff! I finished up Joyful World SAL May and July over the weekend! I have enjoyed the little rotation I have going and plan to keep it up while stitching April and August.

Here are the sweet little finishes:

May is stitched on 32 ct. Belfast linen, Sugar Cookie with DMC floss.

July is stitched on 32 ct. Belfast, Sand, also with DMC.

It's so nice to get these done and to maybe even catch up before the next design, September, comes out.

On Saturday Gary and I, with daughter Melanie and SIL Daniel, drove over to Auburn for the memorial service of our dearest Aunt Bev. If there was ever a person more full of fun, laughter, and character, I have yet meet him/her. She was also an amazingly talented artist, active in the artist circles on Camano Island for many years. Her Christmas cards each year are so treasured, even the ones on copy paper where she drew out illustrations for her letter. She was so encouraging to Melanie as she developed her artistic talents over the years. We're going to miss her terribly at our family reunions, and our hearts go out to Uncle Bill and their children and grandchildren as this Saturday the first of the grands gets married. It'll be a very happy/sad occasion. But it's comforting to know that one day we'll be rejoined and spend eternity together.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thorny Thursday

Whew! Almost 100 degrees today! They promise cooler temps tomorrow, then the heat starts to come back again Sunday. And sure enough, looks like temps around the century mark for the Water Follies. That sounds like summer in the Tri-Cities!

Some of the roses have been putting out blooms again. Here are some of the best in the garden tonight.



Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas

 Stay cool, my friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Working the Rotation

Rotating between July and May designs in the Joyful World SAL has been working out really well for me lately. I've been doing a little stitching in the morning, then again in the evening when I really should be doing other chores. Then the next day I pick up the other project to work on for the day. About all I've done is stitch, walk, work, and errands.

Here's my progress over the last few days:

Rotations haven't worked for me very well in the past, but now that I'm trying to catch up in the series, I feel like I'm making up for lost time without getting bored from concentrating on one project. Perhaps my attention span is getting shorter as I'm getting older and that's why it's working now, lol! Whatever!

The weather here has been quite mild for the summer! We had our company picnic on the 10th and it was the first time it was cloudy and windy and under 80 degrees! The frozen t-shirt contest was not as popular as when it's 95 degrees! But at the end of the day, I didn't feel wiped out as I usually do, so I'm not really complaining. It's quite unusual considering the heat wave we had this spring that jump started all the crops and then it's been mild ever since. But it looks like tomorrow will be 95 degrees, much more like a Tri-Cities summer! After all, the hydroplanes will be arriving next week for the Water Follies starting on the 29th - normally it's high 90s to 100s for the races.

So back to my little rotation and I'll be back soon with some finishes maybe!