Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Year of Starts

It's the 17th so that means a new start for Stitch Maynia's Year of Starts. Last month I started the VS Beach Cottage, this month I chose a design from the 2015 JCS Ornament Issue.

Snowflower Diaries - Pure Love
This simple design by Snowflower Diaries looked like something I could finish pretty quickly, and I've been thinking i really needed to pull out a magazine design as it's been ages since I've done one.

The supplies were chosen from my stash.

The neutral linen was unmarked, so I'm not sure of the color name or count, but I think it's 32 ct. The two GA flosses were also used in A Moment In Time, the two whitish silks are brand new from a recent 123 Stitch order.

And here's where I ended this morning.

Can't wait to get home tonight to stitch on it some more!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Building a Cottage at the Beach

As nice as it would be to have a real cottage at the beach, I think I'm going to have to be satisfied with this little stitched version I'm working on. On this rotation, I've been working mostly on the landscaping on the left side of the cottage around to the front.

It's coming along nicely, getting in the base cross stitches before embellishing and detailing the design with lots of specialty stitches.

Here's a pic of the entire piece so far:

This morning I took my grandson Hans out for birthday shopping, however, we were not successful in finding just the right thing. Of course, it helps to have something in mind when you start. :)  So we're going out again tomorrow morning when we'll have a little more time and maybe more direction for both shopping and lunch! Hans is our oldest grandchild, now 14! What a great young man he's becoming.

Today is a little warmer, but still only in the 80s, and it's just so pleasant to go outside. Tonight I really must get out into the garden and get some deadheading done if I want any more blooms this year!

Wishing you a most lovely day!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Once again, the sell-out crowds at Safeco Field chanted, "Edgar! Edgar! Edgar!" as the Mariners retired Edgar Martinez' number 11 and spent the entire weekend honoring the great hitter. We had the opportunity to be present at the retirement ceremony thanks to our friend, Carlos Martinez, who had rented a suite to entertain clients on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Mariners put together a lovely tribute video and several other Mariner greats were on hand to honor him, including #24, Ken Griffey, Jr., and much of his family came from Puerto Rico for the event, as well as his wife and children. His speech was humble and full of thankfulness to all those who supported and encouraged him throughout his career, a career which was spent entirely as a Mariner. How lucky we were to have had him on the team! Now, if only they would recognize him for the amazing person and player he is in the Hall of Fame!

And it would have been nice if the team had been able to win a game in the home series with the Angels. 

With the quick trip to Seattle, I didn't get my stitching out much. But I had some time this morning to work on Beach Cottage, so my next post will have an update on that.

Oh, and we did get a break in the temperatures over the weekend and wind/rain that blew out the smoke - at least for awhile! Thank the Lord!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Right in the middle of a long stretch of over 100 degree temperatures, much of our family headed to Ocean Park, Washington, for our family reunion where the high reaches to 65 degrees F. Not only have we had heat, but the air in this state in downright unhealthy because of smoke from forest fires all around us, but most of it coming from the fires in British Columbia. Really, it's just awful and especially so if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. But the air at the beach was fresh, blowing in off the Pacific Ocean.

Our camp at Ocean Park Resort
Isaac and Sarah at Ocean Park
This was little Isaac's first trip to the beach. I feel sorry for his parents having to deal with a little wiggly guy on such a long car ride - about six hours from home. But he did like all the attention he got from everyone! We missed the Kennewick family that couldn't go, especially little Gideon, but we'll make up for it next year! Overall attendance was lower this year for a variety of reasons. I must say that the potluck food was especially good tho with Cousin Eric bringing in two coolers full of fresh crab he'd just pulled from his pots the day before. Most of us went home with a bag or two of leftover crab - YUM!

I took a couple of stitching projects along and did have a chance to pull out Coffee Quaker.

Finished up the top right motif. Yes, I did leave one of the little forks the brown color when I meant for it to be blue. Just wasn't going to do more ripping out. Then I went on to this motif:

As soon as I finish this motif, I'm going to pull out the little VS Beach Cottage project for a few days.

Tuesday we had to come back to the heat and to work. But looks like we get to make a quick trip over the mountains for a Mariners game on Saturday evening!

Have a great stitchy week, friends! With the heat and smoke here, there's not much more one can do.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Stitching

For my weekend stitching I decided to bring out the VS Happy Birthday Sampler. I had ended the last session with backstitching the black banner and started the new session by adding the hearts, putting stripes on the birthday candles and the backstitching to the top of the flames. That completed the top part of the birthday cake section.

To complete the cake section I stitched the lacy table cloth which consisted of satin stitches, cross stitches, herringbone and double cross diamond eyelets. These stitches together create a beautiful tablecloth for the cake setting!

Below the table cloth are bands of (in descending order) algerian eyelets with gold straight stitches, then perspective stitch, and ending the session with triple cross stitches. To finish off the triple cross stitch band, I'll be adding upright cross stitches in between.

Band samplers are fun because you have a mini finish with each band! Here's the top section of the sampler so far:

Next up: Some reverse stitching on Coffee Quaker!

Wishing you a great stitchy week! We're going to be sweltering here in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not going to want to be outside much except to keep the lawn and garden alive.