Thursday, October 15, 2020

Where To Find Me These Days

 Poor long neglected blog. Not only has it been put on a back burner, it's off the stove entirely! After my daughter's wedding in June of 2018, I kinda lost my blogging mojo and even set my stitching aside for awhile. 

But I have since taken up my stitching again and have been updating over at Instagram where it's easy to upload a quick photo and description and call it good. If you're on Insta too, you can find me as @vondaleekay.

Perhaps one day I'll take up my blog again, but for now IG fills the bill.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Stitching, Fires, and Smoke

Hello Summer is progressing nicely.
Hello Summer

After finishing the eagle, I decided to set this one aside and get to stitching on another project. First I picked up Red Velvet Inscription and put in a couple more strands of floss, finishing the K and starting the X below it. I'm planning to put in a couple of strands in between rotating projects, or maybe try picking it up every stitching session for one strand of floss.

Red Velvet Inscription

Then I went to Hello Fall.

Hello Fall
I got in the curly end of the branch, the star designs on the O, and ended with the blackbird. On Hello Fall I'm using one strand of floss over two fabric threads and you can see a clear difference on the two 36 ct fabrics. I don't think there's one definitive rule as to how many strands you use on 36ct, just use whatever pleases you!

The weekend brought us some cooler temps, but Saturday was blustery and a wildfire started south of Kennewick next to I-82 at the exit to Hwy 397. The wind whipped that blaze up quickly spreading it to the east where it came up over the hill and threatened homes at the edge of town. In fact, 4 or 5 homes were lost, many damaged by the heat from the flames coming so close, a couple of horses were killed, but no people. Our local first responders did an excellent job evacuating the area and keeping property damage to what it was. It's very sad that the homes were lost, but it really could have been so much worse. The flames continued to spread to the east/southeast to an area that is mostly wild grasslands. The authorities still do not know what caused the fire.

By Sunday the sky was actually pretty clear, the wind had blown the smoke away from town so Gary and I and Kirsten took the opportunity to drive down to Maryhill Museum to look at the Plein Air Exhibition that daughter Melanie participated in a couple of weeks ago, as well as look at the regular exhibitions at the museum. We had never gone inside before, but had stopped with the kids (years ago when they were little) a couple of times to let them run around the grounds.

Melanie's painting "Scorched Earth"

Melanie did well at this exhibition winning an Honorable Mention, as well as the museum purchasing the above painting. You see during the week a wildfire burned hundreds of acres right across the road from the museum. Several of the artists captured the images they saw as the flames worked their way across the landscape.

 After enjoying all the exhibits there, we drove down the road to Maryhill Winery where we enjoyed some nice wine and a picnic lunch on their patio. They had some live music going and it was a great way to relax after a week of work.

Now the skies are smoky again, so bad today that we can't see the nearby hills unless you get almost next to them. But I really don't want the wind to start up either to spread another fire that could be accidentally sparked. I have great sympathy for the people in California who've been displaced and lost homes in the deadly fires there. Let's all pray for rain . . . with no lightning!

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Hello Summer!

Yep, it's summer alright! Last Friday we had a lovely day with a high of 88 degrees, but this week we're heading back up to the 100s - tomorrow maybe even 109. Typical summer here in Eastern Washington.

With summer in full swing, I have a good start on Hello Summer by Plum Street Sampler.

Yesterday I wasn't going in to the office until I finished the flag! The "blue" in the flag is Milady's Teal by Crescent Colors which is a bluish gray. I worried about it at first, thinking I might have to find a substitute, but with the Used Brick color it made more sense. This flag just looks like it's been out in the weather for a long while. I love this series and look forward to getting back to Hello Fall real soon!

Over the weekend Gary and I made a quick overnight run to Ocean Park for the Paulson family reunion, which has been going on over 40 years. The weather there was sunny and warm for the beach, at least it felt warm in the sun and Gary ended up getting a sunburn on his forehead. I think it got up to about 67 and just felt sooo good.

Isaac playing on the beach with Aunt Kirsten

Lilly is all tuckered out

The grandkids had great fun playing in the sun. Wish I could find one of Gideon on the beach.  Just hope next year we're able to take more time away from the office as we usually do. Sometimes running your own business gets in the way of fun!

Well, it's time for me to take a quick walk around the block and get some sprinklers going around the yard! Have a wonderful week, my friends!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Stitching Progress

I've been stitching a little most days and moving right along with the alphabet in the center of the design.
Red Velvet Inscription by Blue Ribbon Designs

And as of this morning, I'm even farther along than shown above. It's stitching up faster than any of the bordering squares. As satisfying as my progress has been, I've been thinking of starting up this design:

I still haven't finished Hello Fall, but I bought Hello Summer months ago, with the called for flosses, and I did have a finish recently so that leaves a project box available and it must be filled! I found that I still have some 36 ct Platinum to stitch it on so stay tuned for progress on this sweet design.

The heat is on here in the West, but looks like temps in our area will normalize by the end of the week - yay! But even in the heat, there are things to do and people to see. Friday was Gary's birthday and I made him leave the office for a quick jaunt over to Walla Walla for an afternoon of wine, music, and great food. Itinerary: Northstar Winery where Tom Taylor from Boise, was playing, then dinner at Whoopemup Cafe in town. I had the sockeye salmon with creamy grits, summer veggies, and tarragon pesto - SO GOOD!

Then on Saturday morning, I left early to drive to Spokane for my Aunt Cleta's 90th birthday celebration. I picked my sister up at the airport, then we walked the mall awhile to kill some time before the party. Some of our favorite cousins were there, coming from all over Washington, and northern Idaho. What a grand time we all had!

All the cousins and Aunt Cleta
I'm third from the left and my sister is seated right in front of me
Well, I think that's more than enough chatter from me for one post! I hope you'll come by again to see what I've been up to!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Picnic Success

The company picnic was a grand success for our little band of employees. We welcome extra family and kids to make it even more fun. The pool at Shelly's house is the perfect size for this kind of party - one family arrived early to get more pool time for the 9 kids. Famous Dave's did the cooking for me and we got enough to feed the crowd and have a little leftover for Shelly and me to make some lunches. Last year I got way too much - although the leftovers never go to waste, lol! With temps in the low 90s, the frozen t-shirt contest was very popular. Seems we picked the right weekend as all this week the thermometer will be hitting 100 degrees and more.

With that kind of heat, I'll be spending mornings and evenings moving sprinklers so the grass and roses don't dry up on me. And I'll be spending more time with Red Velvet Inscription! This weekend I took some time away from picnic prep to start a different color for the center portion of the design. For my project I have chosen Gentle Arts Loganberry.

This morning I saw the my Abraham Darby rose bush had some nice blooms, so I cut them to enjoy here at the office. They really filled my car with lovely fragrance. My poor garden could really use some attention. The weeds and grass are taking over which would not have happened before I started working. But the roses are fine, even if their surroundings aren't optimal!

That's about all the news from my part of town. Till next post, have a great day!