Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More Snow


and inside

That's been the story in these parts. Saturday and Sunday we had snow and more snow, probably 4-5 inches on top of what we already had. Monday we briefly saw the sun and it was gorgeous! I wish I could have take some pictures of the snow-covered hills shining brightly against the blue sky. Now on Tuesday morning, we're getting more snow, perhaps 1-3 inches. And we haven't had the melting in between storms that is normal for here.

The silver lining in all the cold and snow: we shouldn't have a tick and flea problem in the spring. Gotta find the good!

As for stitching, I've been working on Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm, mostly adding more snow to the little scene. I tried to stitch last night while watching the College Championship game between Alabama and Auburn and really didn't get much accomplished, especially during that last quarter and last play when Auburn pulled out the win with 1 second on the clock! Wow, what a great game and win for Auburn!

With the extremely cold weather my battery just hasn't wanted to do its job and have had to get a jump start from the other family cars. So yesterday while the sun was shining I took advantage of the break and went to the battery shop where they promptly tested my car and replaced the battery - all in 30 minutes! Talk about a happy customer! The waiting area is nice and I enjoyed sitting with coffee reading the newspaper.

Well, I'll be going in to work this afternoon, but in the meantime, I'd better get some chores done.

Have a great stitchy day!


Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful snow pictures you shared! You are making good progress on the cabin. Stay warm!

Vickie said...

Such cold weather,isn't it?! Your progress looks great Von.

diamondc said...

Hi Von: I do not like snow and live in beautiful Minnesota.
I like the Jingle Bells Tree Farm so sweet, and stitching on it while it snows what a treat to be indoors and watch the white stuff come down.
I hope your roads are good ours are not slippery and nasty.


Ann said...

Oh, the snow looks so pretty . . . and I love the snow you stitched, too.

Ann said...

Oh, the snow is so pretty . . .and I like the stitched snow, too!

Barb said...

The Jingle Bell Tree Farm is going to be a wonderful project, so far I love the way it is turning out. Now for the NASTY weather. Tonight it is very windy and freezing cold. Our lights are blinking and that makes me very nervous. The awful wind was not predicted. We are back in the ice box!

Pamela said...

Your inside snow is so cute! Much nicer than the outside snow.

butterfly said...

Great photos of snow, I bet it feels so cold, they are saying we have snow coming in here tomorrow and we have not had any for years .
Most children here it will be the first snow they have ever seen.
Stay warm .

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on yourJingle Bells Farm, such a pretty design. I also love stitching snow, snowmen and snowy scenery. What I do not like is real snow. And we have had already enough for my taste since the beginning of January. But what can I say - we live in a mountainous region and snow, lots of snow, is just normal for this time of the year, sigh.

Julie said...

Brrrr that does look cold, stay warm and cosy. Jingle Bell Tree Farm is looking lovely.

Carol said...

And, here we are in western PA with not a bit of snow on the ground! So strange!! I really love watching Jingle Bell Farm grow, Von--think I will add it to my "some day" list :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

We got over a foot of snow - someone told me it doesn't snow here.... they are mistaken!!

viv said...

Lovely stitching....and the snow is lovely, too. When we get snow it is always an excuse to take a mini vacation from daily duties and do fun things.

I am said...

such beautiful work ,how cold the snow is,its very hot here in Austalia at the moment.

Marilyn said...

We really haven't had much snow yet in WI.
We had 1 big one of 13" which is almost gone because of warm temps, but not really too much..........yet. :)
Great progress on Jingle Bell Tree Farm.