Monday, January 16, 2017

Second Finish

I finished my second WIP for 2017! Presenting A Spot of Winter by The Drawn Thread!

This was such a fun one to stitch with the different eyelet stitches, smyrna stitches and the three little trees are sprat's head stitches - a new one for me.

On Red Velvet Inscription I have another mini finish - the J square:

This weekend we had continuous freezing fog. It looks like a light fluffy snow, but there's very little water content, so it blows around and when it finally lands, just puts a puff on top of the snow. It can be blown right off your car. Strange stuff! So yes, it's still cold - we haven't been above 20 degrees for days and days.

While it's so cold, I've been doing a little reorganizing with those new floss drawers I bought. Way back in the 80s and 90s, I bobbinated all my floss and kept them in those plastic divided boxes. Then I started to collect back up DMC and I stored them in snack-size zip locs in photo storage boxes like this:

You can see I clipped together sections with large safety pins. It was getting to be a pain going from here to there to collect floss for new projects, especially when you also throw in overdyed floss or silks too. Now I'm getting all the DMC together into one space:

I hadn't yet finished labeling all the drawers when I snapped the photo, but now every drawer is filled. It'll be so much easier to track what I have and put it away when I'm done with a project!

So it was a good weekend! We watched the football games and I made an amazing batch of chili that we ate on all weekend.

Oh, and my youngest daughter has herself a different car, a 2011 Ford Focus to replace the one she totaled when she hit a deer coming back home from snowboarding a couple of weeks ago. It was a terrific deal - but she's had to learn to shift gears and she's picked it up really fast. It's fun to see her so happy. :)

I'll be back with more later in the week. I'm participating in the Stitch Maynia Year of Starts where I will start a new project on the 17th of each month. I'm thinking most of these starts will be smaller projects as I have enough larger ones going already. Really looking forward to this!

Have a great day and stitch all the things!!


diamondc said...

Von: That Drawn Thread is a sweet design, I like the gray fabric.
Red Velvet is so pretty.
Congratulations to your daughter and her new car.
I need to organize my threads, they are a mess right now, just in small plastic box's in sections, it is still hard to find the color I want due to several color numbers are in the same row, specialty threads are in plastic bags on rings.
We had 40 degrees today, finally out of the deep freeze, we were to get an ice storm but so far it has not arrived yahoo.


Robin in Virginia said...

Von, congratulations on your finish! It is darling. Is your DMC still on bobbins or did you unwind them to store in the drawers?

Pamela said...

Beautiful stitching and great organization!

Barb said...

That winter spot is so pretty. You did great with the different stitches. Well, we are a bit warmer with the return of rain. I'm actually glad to see it if it brings a mellowing of these temps.

Julie said...

Safe travels for your daughter in her new wheels.
Beautiful finish, so pretty.
Great organisation of the threads, will it make you stitch faster??? lol

Vickie said...

Spot of Winter is so cute! How scary for your daughter hitting the deer. Our son has a Ford Focus. :) We had freezing rain all day and night yesterday. I heard the salt trucks at 4:30 this morning.

Carol said...

Such a sweet finish--and that is a new to me stitch, too! I always enjoy learning new stitches when working on DT pieces...

That is exactly how I store my floss, too. Very easy, but after at least five years I still haven't labeled the drawers :) I pretty much have learned the location of each one after all this time!

Amy said...

I love the first little design! Actually, both are great!

Melinda Forbes said...

Those are great drawers. Wonderful way to store the floss and I am sure much easier to find.

Marilyn said...

Spot of Winter is so cute.
Love Drawn Thread designs with all of the specialty stitches.
Red Velevet is so pretty.
Nice floss organization!

Margaret said...

I absolutely love your floss organization. Just what I need.
Lovely stitching Von and what a pretty finish.

Shannon said...

Beautiful finish and Red Velvet is gorgeous! I love the floss drawers. I might have to try those.

viv said...

Lovely, lovely finish and stitching. So impressed with your organization. I have switched from bobbins to bags...your drawers are amazing.

Brigitte said...

These seasonal spots by DT are so beautiful. I have them in my stash as well, but haven't stitched them yet. Congratulations on your second finish.
I'm sure that you love your new thread organization.