Thursday, January 19, 2017

Year of Starts

Hello Friends,

Over on the Facebook Stitch Maynia group, they have a huge number of SALs that you can join. There aren't strict rules for them, just join in if you like and do what you can. Since I don't want a lot of obligation with my stitching, I appreciate that attitude a lot and I've decided to join in on a couple of them this year.

One of them is a variation on last year's Year of Starts where some intrepid stitchers actually had one start every day. That one is not for me! But this year they have a SAL where you have a new start on the 17th of each month. That I can do, especially if I choose something fairly small so that I can have a finish in between my bigger projects.

So for January, I dug around in my charts and found this little one that has languished in the box for years: Little House Needleworks, Blossoms & Blackbirds.

This is the perfect size, 65 x 65 stitches, and a simple design to give me the break I need from the more complicated Victoria Sampler pieces. I'm working it on the 28 ct Flax linen with DMC that's called for on the chart. Luckily I had a nice big piece of the linen in my stash, so I cut out what I needed and set to work on the 17th.

And here is where I ended that evening. It's a small thing, so I've been stitching in hand - like I started out doing 34 years ago! :D

Well, the thaw is starting following the freezing rain we had Tuesday thru Wednesday. This morning the driveway was the most treacherous it's been all season and so schools are closed once again - that's the 7th day. Poor things will be in school till the end of June at this rate! The main arterials in town are fine, but neighborhoods are skating rinks. But with 40 degree temps today, maybe we'll be inundated with slush, and then probably have a refreeze tonight. Ugh!

My Bunco group was rescheduled from last week to this week, so I'm crossing my fingers that we can actually get together tonight! And I owe my granddaughter Ilse a shopping trip and lunch. Her birthday was the 9th, but the weather just has not cooperated with us - we're trying again tomorrow!

I hope Mother Nature is treating you better than us!  Happy stitching!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely stitches! We have some sun tiday!

Barb said...

I love that small design you have started. I hope the weather cooperates and you and your grand daughter get that lunch.

Robin in Virginia said...

You are off to a good start on your LHN piece. Hope you are able to have Bunco; please be safe out there.

Mary Ann said...

Such a cute design, and you have a great start on it! I hope you and your granddaughter get your lunch together soon.

Vickie said...

Sweet, little stitches Von. The thaw is here for us. Have a great weekend!

viv said...

Lovely little project. I started a wee one this week as give me a break from the Williamsburg project. Hope you can get to your meeting. Upper sixties here today, but it will all change in the coming week. Hugs.

diamondc said...

Hello: Mother Nature has given us warm weather for Minnesota, we have had four days of fog due to the melting snow, hard to drive even during the day.
Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter, I hope she has a great time shopping with you.
I cannot do SAL's I never keep up and I can only have one design going at once I am not able to handle more then one I get anxious.


Brigitte said...

One start a month sounds doable - and a lot of fun. And choosing smalls fort these starts is a good idea. This one looks so lovely.
I hope that the ice on the ground will have melted soon in your area.

Julie.C said...

I love this one it will look so nice.
Take care with weather.

Julie said...

Dark, damp and drab here.... I wouldn't mind some winter bright sunshine and perhaps a little sprinking of snow.
Nice new start for this month.

Pamela said...

Nice project! You will be able to finish by the 17th of next month, I am confident!

Sally said...

Now that's the kind of thing I like. A relaxed SAL! Love your new start. Looking forward to seeing more.

It has been very cold here these last few days but no signs of snow. I long for nice Winter sunshine and snow!