Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do You See Them?

Here's the current state of Red Velvet Inscription after a bit more work over the weekend.

Red Velvet Inscription
Now here's the fun thing about this pattern: hidden in each square is a letter of the alphabet. In the picture above you might be able to find (from left to right) A, B, C, and D. I think the D is very easy to see!

I need to kit up the June Joyful World SAL and get going on that before I fall too far behind!

The weekend was quite lovely, although Saturday afternoon brought a big thunderstorm. The worst of it hit the downtown section of town with heavy rain, hail, wind gusts, thunder and lightning! Funny how those storms are very localized though. In the west end of town where I live, it hardly even rained, although the wind blew hard.

That evening we attended the wedding of a friend's daughter at Canoe Ridge Winery in Walla Walla. The ceremony was held in a barrel storage room which is part of a very old railway station from long ago. You can imagine the beautiful beams and old brick walls - it was quite a unique setting!

Then on Sunday afternoon we carried on with the wine theme, going out to Frichette Winery to pick up our wine club release. The wind was still blowing on Sunday, but sunny. They had one of the big garage doors open to let in the fresh air, but not the wind so it was pleasant to taste wine and enjoy the beautiful scene of Red Mountain.

After tasting several wines, I felt the need for some food, so we went over to Terra Blanca winery where they have food available on the weekends catered by a local restaurant. And since we were there, we tasted another flight of wines after lunch.

And that's where we stopped for the day! My palate wears out after a couple of wineries. But we brought home some wonderful wines for future enjoyment.


Vickie said...

Your stitching is lovely, but I am having a heck of a time locating the letters. I do spot the D, but not the others.

Julie said...

Wishing the happy couple a wonderful life together.
Nice stitching

Sharon said...

Very pretty! But all that white thread would drive me stark raving mad! LOL

Barb said...

What a nice week-end! I can really picture a wedding in a place like that. It took some looking but I think I did spot all the letters. That design is turning out so pretty.

Solstitches said...

What a clever design and your fabric is so prettty.
Beautiful stitching!

Brigitte said...

That's really a gorgeous project, I love the fabric and thread colours very much. But I have to admit that I hadn't seen the letters in the squares until you mentioned them.
Very nice weekend that you spent tasting all these wines.