Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Uncovering RVI

After a couple months of neglect, I pulled out Red Velvet Inscription and am almost done with the third square - with a lot more to go!

Pitiable progress, but it's all I got.

The roses just keep on coming though!

Crown Princess Margareta
The lavender is budding out and soon the bees will be all over those plants. But they're usually too distracted by the lavender to give me any trouble.  :)

I didn't have a chance to work outside this weekend - what with all the rain! Not complaining as we really need all we can get. But when the Tri-Cities gets 0.78 inches of rain in a weekend, it's a big deal! I know, some of you get that much in an hour.

Well, better get back to doing something productive. Have a wonderful week!


Vickie said...

Nice to see RVI again. Your roses sure are gorgeous.

Julie said...

Wish this was 'sniff-a-screen' I bet they have a devine scent

Carol said...

I think I'd be too busy gazing at those pretty roses to get any stitching done at all--they are simply lovely! We've tried growing roses here, but don't seem to have the right soil. And with the deer family basically living in our backyard, nothing we plant stands a chance!

Solstitches said...

Oh the rose is such a beauty. I wonder if it smells as good as I imagine it does.
Named for me too LOL :)
Nice work on the stitching. Any progress is good progress and this is a busy time of year in the garden so stitching time is limited I find.

Barb said...

Just beautiful roses!!!! We are very cool and rainy here this week. I do love that pretty stitching project you are working on.

Brigitte said...

Oh Von, I always love seeing pictures of our wonderful roses. Such gorgeous colours. Our rose bush has its first buds and I can't wait to see the first rose. But meanwhile our columbines are blooming in all sorts of colours.
Nice progress on Red Velvet.