Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thorny Thursday

The weather has been cooler this week (70s) and breezy which has blown rose petals all over the garden as the blossoms age on the bushes. There's so much deadheading to do!

So while I'm clipping away, there are still some fresh blooms this week to get some pics of.

Ruth Clements
Ginger Syllabub
By Appointment
On Saturday we're hosting the annual Birthday Bash for all our children and spouses. With so many now-adult kids and spouses and grandkids, it's easier for us all if we celebrate everyone all at once. I'm hoping the weather stays nice so we can enjoy the garden and eat out outside. So lots of shopping, cooking, and tidying going on here in the next couple of days.

And Tuesday was the last day of teaching my ESL class for this school year. As much as I enjoy teaching, I'm ready for a summer break and more time in the morning for garden chores. I teach only two mornings a week, but it's amazing how it changes my schedule, especially in the spring when I have so much to do!

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my garden and that your day is full of beauty!


Vickie said...

I hear ya on the home prep. Except I have been taking it even slower than that because of these headaches. I am working on it for the graduation party for Emerson and Madeleine. I am not up to running around and pressure, my usual ways. ;) So slow and easy is how I have to go at it.
Your weather sounds great and roses look great! Hope my roses come into bloom by our party time in two weeks.

viv said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures. I've been deadheading pinks. I love the profusion of spring blooms, but then they have to be sheared.....Enjoy the birthday bash.

llknbillburg said...

Your garden is luscious! Hope you have a wonderful time with your 'grand' birthday celebration! Laura

Barb said...

Your roses are so beautiful. I hope you have good weather for the gathering, we are not suppose to have great weather on this side of the mountains.

Carol said...

I love the idea of a group birthday celebration in a family as large as yours! Enjoy all the fun in that beautiful garden of yours :)

Angela said...

Your Roses are lovely!

Julie said...

I hope the weather behaved and you had a wonderful family celebration amongst the delightful blooms in your garden

Brigitte said...

I hope your Birthday Bash wasn't spoilt by some bad weather.
Our roses are about to open up the bulbs but during the last days it has just been too cold. But I can see that they really want to open their flowers :)