Monday, May 19, 2014


The roses are really coming on strong and the first flush of blooms is always the best. As the west end of the yard receives the most sun, the show begins there.

I'll be trying for some better photos in the evening light, but I wanted to get some taken for a record of my garden.

Last week my rose guru friend, Cindy, came over for a little garden walk. What a wonderful time catching up with a long-time friend. Soon I'll visit her garden as it's a bit behind mine.

I always love this view of the garden. That's a Graham Thomas arching over the rock ledge. This pic is outdated now as DH put up lattice up on the entire fence on Saturday, as well as the shade sails! Yay! Now on to the next little project. :)

Saturday evening we had the kids over to celebrate all the spring birthdays. When we can, I like to have dinner out back here as it is the nicest room on the property, and Mother Nature cooperated. Steak and shrimp skewers with Greek chop salad were on the menu. DD Mystie brought bread and bacon-wrapped dates - so good!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and I'll be visiting with you again soon.


Melissa said...

What a show, Von! I can tell you are excited and have plenty of reasons to be. I love that Graham Thomas. We had it at our previous house and it was a giant and also garnered tons of comments and a lot of sniffing! We now have Golden Celebration at this house and I love it too.

Enjoy this first fireworks of roses! Ours will be coming along soon.

Barb said...

Sounds like a great evening with your family. Your garden is spectacular. I also love roses but black spot is such an issue for the few I try to grow,any suggestions?

Rowyn said...

Such a beautiful garden!

Marie said...

I was just telling my Dh that we need to have more color in our plantings. Neither of us has a green thumb but I truly love a beautiful garden...YOU have a beautiful garden.

This is where I would dine every evening.

Barb said...

The flowers are beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Those roses are absolute stunning!! I bet it smell amazing too!

Joyce said...

Beautiful garden, what is the purple flower in the containers? It is so much fun to be out and doing the gardening, love it. Joyce

Von said...

Joyce, the purple flowers in the center of the pots are Spanish lavender plants grown as a little "trees".