Saturday, March 01, 2014

Wrappin' Up the Week

It's been a good week here at home and thought I'd just wrap it up with a few odds and ends.

Tuesday evening we celebrated Knox's 4th birthday at the Winckler house with his other grandparents and aunts and uncles. Uncle Geoff came by earlier with his gifts - Knox's obvious favorite was the sword that had appropriate sound effects. The sound of clashing and slashing was heard all over the house as Knox ran about fighting everything in sight.

Dinner was Knox's favorite homemade mac n'cheese. Mystie also prepared a nice frittata for those of us who are limiting carbohydrates. It's a good thing I gave a pass to the macaroni because Mystie made the most fantastic dark chocolate ice cream I've ever had! I told her she could make me a ramekin of that deliciousness for my birthday. 

Fridays I spend with the preschoolers teaching Story Hour while their moms are in Bible Study. This picture is not from this week, but illustrates so well a typical Friday morning. Last evening the women from the church met for a mini-retreat. We had such fun munching, talking, singing, and listening to the testimony of a local piano teacher who should not be able to teach or play anymore, but through God's grace and a miracle, she plays as well as she ever did. Such a gracious and inspirational lady.

This morning I've gone back downstairs to my mess of a craft room and created an even bigger mess. My intention was to clear off my desk, but I got sidetracked. 

Love my silk ribbon!

And I organized my sewing threads by color and type.

Well, now it's March, and it feels like February as another storm front is moving through and we could get some freezing rain. Ugh. Thanks for stopping by my home and have a great weekend!


Barb said...

The little birthday boy is so cute. So are your little charges!

Brigitte said...

Seemed to have been the perfect birthday party for Knox and for his guests, too.
It's the same here - before I can put some order to my craft room I have to produce some more chaos, lol. Seems to be a rule, lol.