Thursday, February 27, 2014

Never Ending

A specific goal of mine for this year is to go through the boxes and storage on all the shelves and in the little hidey spots around the house in order to free up space. My house is full, but not in an Extreme Hoarders kind of way,  and I gotta get rid of some stuff so I can breathe!

I have no expectations that this process will ever be finished as both my DH and I have a tendency to explore new interests which adds to the fullness of the house. New hobbies and interests are a good thing, but now is the time to edit.

So far I've given away some old homeschool materials and other books, and thrown out old homeschool records which I no longer need since all the kids are way beyond our homeschool days. I've even gone through lots of my Sew Beautiful magazines, torn out patterns of interest, and tossed. Just yesterday I received an email from them advertising past years issues on a cd! So if I feel the need, I can order a more space-friendly format.

Yesterday I dug into a couple of bins that had some old completed x-s projects and almost completed projects. The trouble is I know there are more wips languishing in various drawers and bags around the house. Still, it was kinda fun to see them again. I may even get some of them finished!

A small representation of reality

I hope to have more updates on my progress as the weeks go by. Hope you'll stick with me and maybe share some of your own efforts in decluttering.


Giovanna said...

Good for you for making the effort to declutter - something I should be doing too but just can't face at the moment. Good luck!

Mylene said...

Was my intention too this year but get side tracked everytime i plan a day to go through boxes...But do hope to get on with it very soon.
Goodluck with yours!

Brigitte said...

I love decluttering a lot, and after retiring last August I started some serious decluttering and got rid of all the school things that I had needed for my job. And all is gone now. Gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom. I don't know yet what I will tackle next.
Wishing you good luck with your decluttering efforts.

Sonda said...

Last night I worked on decluttering our computer desk. I threw away/recycled quite a bit of stuff I don't know why we were keeping. It felt good.