Thursday, March 06, 2014

What a Mess!

Welcome to my mess!

Here's the contents of my Elfa drawers that used to be next to the sewing table. It was dreadfully underutilized. So I emptied it out and am still in the process of settling in sewing items next to the machines and finding new homes for the rest. For now, the drawers are next to my desk - empty.

Now the sewing desk is looking much less cluttered. On the left side are boxes of things that will be taken to the grandchildren or donated.

The door to the right leads to the understair storage. Far in the back is where I had lots of old homeschooling records - now gone. In their place are albums. I'm designating this space for photo and video tape storage where it will be handy for me to work on repairing old albums and getting the film to Costco to be transferred to digital media.

Here's another mess I've created recently that I gotta do something about.

There are more magazines to go through and a bunch of x-s designs including a stack of Victoria Sampler designs and acc pacs to organize.  To give myself a little motivation to continue this decluttering, I found a little color inspiration at Craft Warehouse yesterday.

I'll live with these colors for awhile along with a pic from the Pier One ad that came this week that inspired me. 

Thanks for visiting today! 


Lois said...

I'm a great procrastinator when it comes to decluttering in just about any area of my life!!! The things I have kept for those 'just in case' moments that, of course, never happen!! Well done for making a start, sometimes I think that's the hardest part.

Barb said...

I think things often get messier before you can get them organized!!You are making a great start!

Sherry said...

I always try to declutter then it just piles up again!

Sonda said...

Nice job! It's so satisfying to look at an organized space, even when it's only for a short time.

Carol said...

Great progress on your decluttering--it's always such a wonderful feeling to look at an organized room when you're finished :)