Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Banner Week

It's been a great week for our family. To start, after four years in braces and every orthodontic appliance they could throw at her, Kirsten has a perfect, bracesless smile!!
They came off just in time for her to compete at the Washington State DECA conference in Bellevue.

And she won the position of Executive VP for Kamiakin High School ASB.  Awesome!

Our middle daughter, Melanie, was juried in to the Northwest Experience art show at the Clymer Museum and Gallery in Ellensburg, Washington. It was a great honor for them to accept three of her works out of the hundreds they considered for the show, but how thrilling for us all that she won Best in Show!
This award came with a nice cash prize, which she'll need to buy framing materials as she will be hanging a solo exhibition at the Clymer next year!!

We were so glad to be able to go up to Ellensburg for the opening of this exhibition and witness Melanie receiving this honor. Also of great value was the encouragement and ideas for growing her talent she received from the gallery board and other artists who were in attendance. The artist who judged the exhibition lives a fairly short distance north of the Tri-Cities and he and Melanie were making plans to paint together and perhaps work on some other events locally.  I am confident that in preparing for the solo show, her work will show a great deal of growth and maturity.

We're so excited!!

When we returned home from Ellensburg, son Kevin was home from Eastern Wash. University in Cheney for the weekend! A little unplanned visit, but always so welcome!! It's nice to have him home. :)

After the beautiful springlike day yesterday, we're back to showers which could hang around for a few days. At least it's warm.

I hope you have a great weekend! Maybe something great happened in your life this week you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a quick comment.


Barb said...

Congratulations to your children you must be very happy for them and to have them home!

a woman who is said...

I am so proud of Melanie and excited for all God is wanting to accomplish through her with her God given talent. Having gotten to know her a bit over the last year or so I have been so impressed with her gentle heart combined with that amazing Paulson grace and humor. Your youngest looks gorgeous. What a lovely brood you have my friend. Looking forward to some lovely roses this June. Praying that our weather shifts to spring soon so we can start getting in the garden to get the pruning done. Blessings!

Divina K. said...

What a full week and a lot to be excited about!

Divina K. said...
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Sonda said...

Congrats to the girls on their accomplishments! And I bet your youngest is thrilled to have hose braces off!

Margaret said...

Melanie is so talented. And what a pretty young woman she is. Bet she was thrilled to get rid of her braces.