Monday, July 01, 2013

A Little Garden Love

The back yard garden has become my little sanctuary. I've planted seven new roses and I think it'll be difficult to fit any more into my small garden. The west end has filled in so beautifully, I can hardly believe the difference a few growing seasons has made.

'Apricot Impressionist' in foreground

'Lady of Shalott' 

 My favorite new rose of this year's planting is the 'Lady of Shalott' that I ordered last year from David Austin. I fell in love with the picture of this rose on the DA website a few years ago when it was available only in the UK. When it became available in the US, I placed my order but couldn't get it shipped until this spring. It's really taking off in my garden which makes me so happy.

This pic was taken in May when the peonies were blooming. I so wish I had more room for peonies! I think I may have to begin gardening on the railroad side of the fence to feed my addiction. Today I'm just watering in everything really well since the super high temperatures from the Southwest are invading the Northwest and we're looking at 109* for a high. I don't mind a heat wave as long as I can escape to the air conditioned house. :) I'm letting the Traeger do my cooking today, keeping that heat outside too. Pulled pork for dinner - yum!!


Lynn said...

Beautiful gardens Von! I love your new rose. Does it have a strong scent? It's such a pretty colour!

Connie Dunton said...

It's looking so beautiful back there Von! All your hard work is certainly paying off!