Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shameless Plug

A while back my oldest daughter published another e-book, this one about paperless home organizing. While I have not taken the time, yet, to implement her strategies, she's received some good reviews from other young mother types.

Here's a link to the latest: Paperless Home Organization Review

At $3.99 for the book, Mystie is practically giving away all the hours she's spent researching a variety of web apps for this particular use. As the oldest child of two oldest children, and mom of her own large family, she is a great lover of organizing and doing so in the most efficient way possible. For years I've watched her efforts at organizing with great interest, using everything from a huge chalkboard, to beautifully lettered paper notebooks, to now this digital version. She really loves this stuff.

You can look at a sample of her work here: Paperless Organizing

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viv said...

Wishing her great success with the new book.