Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hitchin' Up

Friday was my birthday and all I wanted was to take our two oldest grandsons, hitch up the trailer, and get out of town. I decided we should go to Harris Campground in Umatilla County, Oregon. It's just a quick hour and a half drive from home, quite private, and situated next to the rushing Walla Walla River so you hear that lovely sound of the river all the time.
Max came along with us, while Fritz stayed home with the twins. Yes, Max has just one eye now following some kind of incident, probably with a rose bush, a year ago. He's a bit clumsier than he was, but he's doing great. He loves to go along on trips and is not a wanderer.

Friday was rather rainy, but had mostly passed on by the time we arrived at the campground. Saturday was clear and sunny, just right for a little hike on Harris Park Trail. It's a narrow path and I wouldn't want to take along a child younger than 8. We were lucky to spot a mother deer and her spotted fawn! We also came upon a bull snake on the trail. There's no danger, of course, but it always is startling to see a snake.

Later in the afternoon, we went exploring and geocaching. Gary usually makes sure we get off the usually traveled roads and he found a doozy this day. Several miles up the hill on the highway you see in the pic just below was a road that is not maintained in the winter, and mostly used by local ranchers. The road was wide enough, in fair condition, except for a patch of deep mud in a shady spot so it hadn't dried much yet. I got the Expedition into 4-wheel drive high and managed it with great trepidation - Gary got a kick out of my nervousness. :)  We found several caches along the road, enough to satisfy the boys, so we headed back to fill up the car, then get to camp.

Sunday the clouds moved back in on us, but withheld any moisture until we were well on our way home. And we've had lots of rain since then, especially this morning when I heard the first thunder of the season. It's nice to get some moisture in as I hear the heat is on its way for this next weekend.

This week is quiet around the house as Kirsten left for camp on my birthday and Kyle left to be a counselor at a running camp Monday. I've been reorganizing my rubber stamps, catching up on laundry, weeding the garden, decluttering here and there, and kinda relaxing. I think I can get used to this.


viv said...

Sounds perfect. Loved hearing about it. Belated birthday wishes.

Brigitte said...

Happy belated birthday wishes.
What a great trip you made with your grandsons. Wonderful scenery!