Thursday, February 02, 2012

Farewell to January

It's the calm after the storm, the least busy month of the year, and for that, it's my favorite.

Looking around the house, I don't think I got too much accomplished - although we are in the midst of a deep-clean of the computer nook, and that's pretty big.

I hosted Bunco at my house, which is both stressful and fun. Stressful because I had no idea what to buy for prizes - after playing for 18 years, it's difficult! Eventually I found some cool candle lanterns of various sizes at Pier 1. It's always fun to have the girls over to fill the house with conversation, laughter. And I always purge the kitchen/living area of extraneous things from Christmas and general living. I love the emptiness after all the fullness.

Even though my Dad no longer lives with us, he still requires quite a bit of my time taking care of some of his needs. Keeping up with his prescriptions is almost a full-time gig! In January we had a reline done on his lower dentures for a better fit, doctor appointment (never ending), and general errands for essentials.

Of course, we had the big snow event which gave me a chance to pull my stitching projects out of hiding. I finished a panel of VS Happy Hearts, and have now gone on to Connie's Legacy of Love, which I am going to finish in February - I promise, Connie!

I've had this beautiful design to stitch for Connie for an unthinkably long period of time. So sorry, my friend! But I am now ready to start stitching some eyelets, then getting the hardanger portions cut and woven - and finished!!

February's calendar page is starting to fill up with an indoor track meet for the boys (not going, but DH is), Sadie Hawkins dance, possible college campus visit, increasing track practices, doctor appointments, and general life busyness.

I'll miss you January!


Giovanna said...

Hardanger is always such fun - enjoy! Lovely stitching so far.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like you've been very busy! The stitching is beautiful!

Kathryn said...

I'm going kicking and screaming into February too, Von. I could use a little more January.
Bunco sounds like fun - even the word sounds fun...I've never played though. Anything with friends and prizes sounds like a good time.

viv said...

Wow. You just led me astray...from my no more new projects resolution. I just have to put our 11 names on that Legacy of Love sampler. Thanks, i think.

Lynn said...

Legacy looks gorgeous Von! I can't wait to see some more progress on this one.
Sounds like you already have a big month ahead of you. Perhaps another storm will slow things down again!

Brigitte said...

That hardanger piece looks absolutely great. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Mary said...

Looks beautiful, Von!