Friday, February 10, 2012

The Right Tool

Many of us have a collection of embroidery scissors which work perfectly well for cutting thread and floss. But most of those scissors aren't thin and sharp enough for the fine cutting required for hardanger.

As I was beginning to cut this section on A Legacy of Love, I had a moment of laziness, not wanting to get up for my good hardanger scissors. Of course my pretty Gingher Alicia is sharp enough but not thin. The other pair on my table had the opposite problem. So off I went for my Dovo.

What a lovely pair of scissors! They have a thin, fine blade that easily gets between linen threads, and sharp to the very tip. These scissors are made for hardanger. In no time, and without struggle, I was finished cutting.

They cost more but are SO worth it.


doris said...

You're exactly right! The right pair of scissors are essential for cutting closely and accurately. Your work is beautiful.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

I lesson in the finer things. So true. CJ in Ok ;-)

Sharon said...

Von, that piece is so gorgeous!

Lynn said...

I'm hoping that someday someone in my family will gift me with those Dovo scissors. Not that I'll be doing any Hardanger in the near future but those scissors are a real treat.
Lovely work Von!

Kathryn said...

I have some pewter ginghers that I use for hardanger. They are fairly thin - maybe a different model than your alicias?
They are my best and sharpest little scissors and I love them.
I've heard that Dovos are excellent, and I'd love to have a pair....maybe some day....