Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's the little things that make life nicer. Like an iron that makes steam.

I have an iron that used to make steam, but with several people using the iron, it was occasionally dropped until it leaked. Still, it got plenty hot and did a good job as long as there was no water in the reservoir. So I got by and the spray bottle of water was my friend.

While shopping at Costco this week, I saw this great iron. Look at the narrow, pointy end. And it's blue. I took it home.

It makes great steam, and that pointy end is awesome for getting between buttons and into other small places. I iron quite a bit, so this iron makes my life just a little bit nicer.

And like my sewing scissors, the kids can't even look Mom's iron. The old one is for them. :)


Lynn said...

I could really use a new iron and I like the looks of that pointed end. I'll be checking out Costco this weekend!

Terri said...

I ended up using my old iron for crafts like ironing crayon scrapings between to sheets of wax paper for a kid's project. said...

I loved having my old iron after I got a new one. We used it for things like ironing scrapings of crayon between two sheets of wax paper

Sharon said...

Oh, I have several items in my home that are only for me-LOL This is a great iron, my mom has a Rowenta and she loves it.

Kath said...

Oh Von, yourt iron loks great, not that I can get too excited about ironing!!! Glad the other one has been relegated to the kids. One of my daughtrs onc filled the iron with Mizone - a water drink, well, that was the end of that one!

Kathryn said...

Ok, OK. I'll ask. What is an iron?
I think I had one once, but my daughter took it with her when she moved out.
Bwa ha ha. Seriously, I just don't need to iron any more because I don't do anything requiring dress clothes. But I am happy for you because when I used to iron, it was a satisfying thing to do.