Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Two Meet Week

Last week was another busy one for the Kamiakin x-c team, starting with a league meet in Sunnyside.
JV team getting a pep talk from Coach Rexus

The weather was windy, but not bad overall. The course was entirely flat with some areas of open field, as in recently harvested agricultural field. Guiding the runners through the course was a Gator which kicked up quite a dust cloud for the runners to breath. The driver did his best to keep far enough ahead that the wind could dissipate the worst of the dust. That's life here in the Mid-Columbia.

For this 5k race, Kyle came in just ahead of Kevin to place at No. 10 and 11; 18:32 and 18:40.

On Saturday the boys were up early early to get on the bus, heading up to Yakima for the Sunfair Invite. Last year the weather was rainy, but this year conditions were much nicer, altho the weather changed on us quite frequently from warm to chilly, windy to calm, even a sprinkle of rain in the sunshine. Glad we were in Yakima as Kennewick got hammered with 0.35 inches of rain. That may not sound like much to many of you, but for us it's a downpour!

Sunfair hosted more than 80 teams from all over the west. It's quite a sight to behold, Franklin Park lined with colorful canopies for many of the schools and teens garbed in their school colors walking around, warming up, cooling down, goofing off with friends, etc.

Here's the start of the sophomore race at Sunfair. The stats on Athletic.net say there were 250 boys in this race, plus 87 girls - talk about a thundering herd! For this 3-mile race Kevin ran 18:18 for 31st place and Kyle ran 18:19 for 32nd place - not bad at all.

This particular course's most memorable feature is "The Hill from Hell" which comes at about 1.25 miles into the race. Luckily the twins had run this hill last year in a league meet, so were prepared for it.

Our varsity guys didn't have a stellar day, but did well enough to earn us third place in our division, the first time Kamiakin has brought home a trophy from this event.


Lee said...

Your boys are running some good times out there! And I loved the photo of the starting line. It's an amazing sight.

My son just ran his biggest college race (on the JV squad), and the men's college JV race had 405 runners!

Carolyn NC said...

Talk about a thundering herd! Your boys are doing well. Looks like a killer hill for sure!

Siobhan said...

Your boys look like they're doing great! I'd still be trying to get up that hill if it was me. ;) I didn't realize that your guys are sophomores? My twins (boy/girl) are in the Irish equivalent of 10th grade, too.