Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hurray for Gary!

What does one do with a slope like this? I've pondered that question all spring and summer coming up with various ideas, but scrapping most as more project than my DH would be willing to do. After talking with Melanie's boyfriend, Daniel (our personal tree guy), and seeing Costco had these nice specimens for a reasonable price, we brought home six arborvitae.

That was about a month ago. There sat the poor little trees in their pots, patiently waiting for the day they would be placed in their new home. Two lucky ones were planted in early September. It then became clear that the retaining wall would have to be moved out a foot or so for the remaining trees to have enough soil to grow and be healthy. That takes time. Time for large projects is scarce in cross country season.

Saturday was the day, the only free Saturday for two months. Dutifully, DH trudged outside to work on the wall. After awhile, he'd succeeded in rebuilding it and getting one tree in. Hearing mutterings of his rotator cuff hurting and being done for the day, I frowned and commented that this was the only day we had for weeks for the project to be done, soon it would be cold, etc. I took the shovel and started to work myself for a bit. It was a hard task and could understand why he wanted to quit for the day - after all, there are always those infernal rocks to contend with! Soon he took the shovel from me and before I knew it, he'd completed the job. Yay!

We've been enjoying some beautiful late summer/early fall weather and my roses have been giving me a nice little display to show me that they're enjoying it too. Occasionally I go through the garden and pluck dead morning glory vines from the plants, then move my little vials of Roundup on to another unsuspecting vine, hehehehe. :)

Saturday was also the Homecoming dance to which Kyle took the charming Bekah Diebler.

Today is a league xc meet in Sunnyside and we'll be missing at least two of our best varsity runners due to illness. The team should still do pretty well, and hopefully by Saturday all will be healthy for the Sunfair Invitatational in Yakima!


doris said...

Pretty roses! The trees look very nice, indeed.

What a lovely young couple heading off to Homecoming. Ah, to be young again ... but only if I could know what I know now.

a woman who is said...

It turned out so well!!! Worth all the hard work down the road I am sure. How dare you show us those gorgeous roses and not tell who they are??? :D

P.S. yes "momma" is very lucky !!!
P.S.S. I have your rose potted up :D

Sherry said...

I love the trees along the fence! And the roses are lovely! Is it already homecoming time? Wow! September has just flown by!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful roses, love the landscaping and Kyle is so handsome. I hope they had a blast.

Carolyn NC said...

Love the garden with the trees and the roses. Your DS and companion look fantastic!

Lynn said...

I grew up in Windsor,Ontario which was called the City of Roses. Unfortunately they don't survive the winters as well where I live now. Yours are beautiful. Reminds me of our garden at home.

Cindy F. said...

Such a handsome son you have:)
Beautiful pic of him and his friend.