Sunday, September 27, 2009

Highlander Invite - Spokane

After three meets in eight days, our intrepid XC team has had some time off. Time during which many of the members have been ill - the flu is hitting our part of the country pretty hard right now, both regular and H1N1. My boys are fine so far and enjoyed a ten-mile run with the healthy team members on Saturday. We're hoping and praying that everyone is feeling better real soon as Tuesday we have a league meet in Sunnyside.

But last Saturday we participated in the Highlander Invitational put on by Shadle Park HS in Spokane. In this meet, races are run in classes of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Last year our freshman boys won first place and this year they repeated their victory as sophomores. Kevin and Kyle came in together at 14:57 for the 2.5 mile race.

This year my twins are not the only set of twins running cross country for Kamiakin HS. I'd been hearing about the Meadows twins from my boys and how they've enjoyed commiserating with them about all the silly questions they must constantly field. It was great to meet them, but I haven't figured out which one is which yet. :)

As I was waiting at the start line for the freshman girls' race, I turned to see two gals walking towards me - my cousins Tami and Kristi!! I was sooo surprised! Kristi's oldest daughter was running for Mead HS (Spokane) and they knew I was there from my Facebook update of the day before. Oh, we had the best time catching up, cheering on Makenzie, and gabbing some more, then watching my boys' race. Cross country meets leave you plenty of time to stand around and talk. I'll be returning to Spokane next month and promised that we would all get together again.

While there was no meet this weekend, there was plenty of activity and I'll share it all real soon.


Carolyn NC said...

What fun! Talk about a gorgeous group of kids - all four. They're all beautiful - you're bound to have girls all over your boys...if not yet, it's coming. :)

Siobhan said...

Great pics! And I agree with Carolyn--what a gorgeous group of kids.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

How fun!! Last year, I remember Peter's CC team also passed illness around! But for the most part, had a good time together!! I miss it!!

a woman who is said...

What great looking cousins! Boy you are in the fast lane with trac this year:) Have a great season.