Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Interrupt this Series

Oh dear! My Newsgator account is filled to overflowing with so many new blog entries that are waiting for me to read. Little by little that number in My Feeds will be knocked down, but it takes so long. As I've been reading, Nancy Wilson's entry Wise-Hearted Crafting at Femina
touched my heart as to the deep need we have to stitch and create beautiful things for ourselves, families, and friends.

Connie brought cross-stitching to me when our firstborn girls were just babies. Embroidery had always been an interest for me, but now it filled a need. Not only was it an enjoyable past time, but this was work I could do that did not have to be redone the next day. Yesterday's accomplishments in stitching were built upon the next day, until one day the project was finished.

Mrs. Wilson ties thoughts such as these all together in a beautiful cohesive bow, finding reasons for why we need to create beauty in God's word. I think you'll find it a very thought-provoking, uplifting article.

My favorite quote: "My theory is that God puts wisdom in our hearts and it comes out our hands. And when it does, we make stuff!"


Barbara said...

Work that we can do that does not have to be redone the next day - you hit the nail right on the head!! And I love the quote about wisdom in our hearts coming out of our hands!

Stitchingranny said...

Oh I think that is so right. I had never thought about it but most of the things we women do are endless, new dust settling even as we put away our duster, the washing machine toiling away as we are putting away the ironing and so on everyday. Stitching is something that gets finished and stays finished even if it takes two or three years to complete it doesnt go backwards it actually fullfills a need. lol now I know why I love to stitch.

Jenna said...

Great post, Von! And a wonderful reminder of why we stitch.

Sandra Ree said...

So true, nice to see it in words.