Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Third Part

On Thursday's wanderings about downtown Victoria, I bought a few little items. First at the Empress Hotel, I bought a mug in their new Rose Garden collection and a tin of tea bags commemorating the centennial of the hotel.

At the B&N Boutique I bought Spring, Autumn, and Winter Spots by The Drawn Thread. Awhile back I stitched the Summer Spot and have been looking for the other designs in the series for awhile.

I also picked up these little cuties.

As Connie and I were shopping, the other retreater who spent the day on her own, wandered into the shop. So when we had finished shopping for the day, we decided that a return trip to Murchie's was in order for a little pick-me-up. Wouldn't you like to join us?

Mmmmm, a brownie and capuccino sure hit the spot!

Once again, we braved the cold wind coming off the harbor, this time heading back to the hotel and later on, dinner with retreat friends at the Days Inn restaurant. Dinners there are reasonably priced and tasty, with the added benefit of being close to our retreat headquarters and a lovely view of the harbor.

With everyone feeling the effects of the day's activities we all headed back to our rooms to make ready for Friday, the beginning of the stitching part of this stitching retreat.


Barbara said...

That darn brownie has made me drool on the keyboard and go all trembly in the hands!

Stitchingranny said...

mmmmmmmmmmm yummy that looks so tasty.

Wendy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts about the VS Retreat! It sounds like a fantastic few days and I wish I was there too. I've never been to Victoria....but one day I hope!

Thank you for sharing the stories and pictures :-D

Sharon said...

Mmm, the treats look so good! Nice stash too.