Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weeds, Sunsets, etc.

After the crew left yesterday, I got out the Roundup and sprayed the tackweed and tumbleweeds that were beginning to grow out on the railroad land. Both these noxious plants are terribly insidious here, but I'm determined that they shall not flourish on "my" section of the rr land. If only I'd get out there when the cheat grass first sprouts in the spring. It lulls me into complacency tho - it's so nice and green and I forget that it will soon seed out into those pesky heads that stick on your socks as you walk through it. With three boys who love playing war games and working on their forts out back, I'm picking that stuff out constantly - ugh!

Kirsten participated in an overnighter with her American Heritage Girls troop at the nearby Court Club where they got to swim, rock climb, and play lots of games in the gym till very late at night. Was I ever relieved when we finally dropped her off. I was hearing a second by second report of what time it was for the last 45 minutes before leaving - and we live one mile away from this place! Was she ever excited!

After dropping her off, DH and I drove out Highway 395 north of Pasco to Preston Winery for their Friday night Vino Notte. Live bands play out on their deck, while they serve their wines and some yummy appetizers and desserts. The view is incomparable from their deck. As the sun sets, all the hills to the west are highlighted, the big sky full of puffy clouds turning all shades of yellow, gold, and pink with some little storms off in the distance, all add to the drama of the evening. We plan to go as often as we can this summer.

Connie, you were wondering where the grass was going to be - right in the center of the west end of the yard. In the back corner, we're planning to install two basalt pillars that are drilled out for fountains. All the border area will be for shrub/bushes/flowers. I considered going totally without grass back here, but decided the area needed some softening that grass would provide. It's just not going to be worth pushing the lawn mower back there to mow!

The weekend is here and I have lots to do, as usual. Need to prepare some graduation announcements and perhaps do a little outside work. Everyone have some fun this weekend!


Karen said...

I see there is lots of progress on your backyard. I bet you and your family are getting quite excited! It sounds like it will be gorgeous. Something to truly enjoy.

Connie said...

Hi Von! thanks for the new picture!!! I get the idea now. It's going to be so beautiful! I think I may need to come over and see it for myself one of these days!!!

John is taking me shopping for patio furniture to go in the gazebo this afternoon! It's our combined birthday presents! I'm really looking forward to having some nice comfy chairs and a table!

Please keep the pictures coming! I love seeing your progress!

Joanie said...

Whoa, Von, that's some landscaping project! I can't wait to see the finished results, it looks fabulous! Keep the pictures coming.

Cindy said...

Looks like your landscaping project is progressing quite nicely! Can't wait to see the finished sounds wonderful!!

StitchCat said...

Looking good Von :)

andrea said...

What an exciting project. Looking forward to seeing more of your backyard progress pictures. :)