Monday, June 12, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again

It's just past lunchtime and the sky is getting darker. The weather service has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for this afternoon. Looks like we're going to get them. But before the sky became so threatening, I took a few pictures. These are some bachelor buttons on the railroad side of my fence.

On Saturday, DH and I were all over the internet looking at different patio sets and trying to decide what we wanted. Finally we drove over to Fred Meyer to have a look at their selection. We like the sling back swivel chairs without cushions, as they can be quickly cleaned with the hose. We ended up with two of the balcony tables and eight chairs for the versatility, and, of course, the matching sunbrella! An absolute must for my sunny back yard. And it tilts so we can adjust it for the best coverage.

We had a pleasant Sunday with our usual church schedule. In the late afternoon I made extra dinner to take to a friend who has recently had surgery. She's doing well, but still waiting for some lab work results. Didn't get any stitching done, but after evening service, I actually picked up a book and read for awhile. DH got "Children of the Mind" by Orson Scott Card for me from the library. It's the third in the Ender series. So far, this one hasn't captured my fancy as much as the others.

Since I haven't been stitching since my return from Lake Chelan, I'll share with you a project I did last year. It's "Home of a Needleworker" by Little House Designs. I bought the chart a couple of years ago in Victoria, B.C. and changed the colors to better reflect my own house and tastes. The fabric wasn't quite big enough to put into this frame that I've had for years, so ended up sewing some pieces of linen up the side. I do need to go back and do a little more stretching to get it all evened up a bit - but I was soooo excited just to get this one finished and on the wall, the unevenness didn't matter that much. I'm sure some of you have done the same! :D

The rain has started and I've opened the windows to the fresh scent - wonderful!


Katrina said...

Hi Von, what a great looking patio set :) very nice. Your LHN project is really neat too, I'm really taken with LHN designs at the moment.

oh yes, you asked me the other day what a "boomer" frost is? thats my kiwi slang coming thru there, it just means great or big frost :)

Leah said...

I like the colours you chose for your LHN piece--very pretty!

Cathy said...

Von, your patio furniture looks great; the chairs look really comfy!

I have this pattern in my stash too but haven't stitched it yet - one of these days!

Rachael said...

Lovely patio furniture! It looks so inviting. Your rain sounds inviting too. I usually complain that all it does here is rain but now we haven't had any for about 6 days and I miss it- at least at night. LOL . I actuallythink the linen on the sides does something nice for the "Home of a Needleworker" piece. I saw this on another blog just a couple of days ago and fell in love with it all ovr again. I think it will have to go on my list of charts to look for this summer.

Barbara said...

I love your new patio set, Von! We'll eventually need to invest in new outdoor furniture but we're putting it off. Your bachelor's buttons are lovely - they are such a sweet, cheery flower and I just love that shade of blue.

Isabelle said...

Hi Von, you made a great choice for that patio set! Love thoe bachelor's buttons too :)

Lili said...

Perfect choice for your backyard, Von!
And your framed project looks great!
Thank you for your kind words and prayers, Von. They mean so so much to me.
Lots of hugs!

Jenna said...

The patio set looks great on your new patio!

Karen said...

I love your Little House project. I think it looks fine. I bought a few Little House charts recently too and can't wait to start one. The little houses are so cute.

Your yard is looking very nice too. The furniture suits it nicely.

Mylene said...

Great choice for the patio set!! Your framed little house turned out great, will add it to my wishlist to stitch it someday too.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Von,

I just got this chart in the mail yesterday and came online to see if anyone else had played with the colors! I was thinking of adding in some more blues and greens, too. I like what you did!