Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stormy Forecast

More rain and thunderstorms are in store for us today. Good news for my sod that should be laid either today or tomorrow! They should be here today, but with the forecast, I'm not sure that they will. We've had quite a bit of precip so far this year - over five inches already! That's pretty good when your average is eight inches.

My lavendar plants on the railroad land are in full bloom now and the bees are making frequent stops among them. I started playing around out back a few years ago, terracing off the slope with all the rocks that are everywhere, then buying plants that have been marked down, or transplanting them from elsewhere. I don't have to be concerned with how everything looks together. I'd like to establish a cutting garden out there!

I made and mailed out a few graduation announcements yesterday, caught up on a few blogs, cooked dinner, and actually did a little bit of stitching. I put in those last few stitches in the Thistle Treasure Bag, then the last little bit of stitiching plus beading on Blue Carnation needleroll.

One decision that is taking up a lot of my time is what color to paint the basement family room. My previous plan was to choose a soothing sage green, but have recently decided I need to put on a color with more energy, perhaps a lime green. I'm just having problems finding a shade that works with the brick of the fireplace. I stopped at Lowe's last night for more samples and my artist daughter and I will go over them today and see if something in this new batch works.

Well, now that the announcements are mailed, I'm planning to begin packing up all my craft/sewing area to prepare for the remodeling that will start next week. I'm so eager for this project to begin so that we have a bright and airy room to begin our next school year.

I can't leave without wishing my good friend, Connie, a very Happy Birthday!!


Barbara said...

Your lavender looks so vibrant and vigorous! I wish mine looked that good.

Have you thought of apple green? That tends to look pretty good with ruddy/red tones and it is an energetic color.

Jenna said...

Ohhhhh, the lavender! I've been meaning to plant some down the driveway so that I can make up sachets and the like. How wonderful that you have such a beautiful stock!

BTW, Happy Birthday Connie!

Karen said...

Your flowers are so pretty. It must be nice to see them all in bloom.

Good luck with your basement.

Carol said...

I love your lavender! I wish I could grow it as a perennial, but our winters are apparently just too harsh, no matter what zone it is rated for - lies, all lies LOL! But sometimes I do put some in as an annual, just because the fragrance is amazing! I adore those roses!! Mine are just starting to open now, so I hope to have some photos soon - today I think I will post some of my irises, I have been forgetting to do that lately!

Susimac said...

How I love the pics of your garden Von, I can smell the lavender and roses from here - beautiful

Rachael said...

Your lavender has me drooling- I think it is my favorite garden flower/plant.
Really wonderful- I wish you luck deciding on a color for your family room. I have a terrible time with decisions like that.

Mylene said...

Your Lavender looks wonderful!! Goodluck with everything, Von.