Friday, June 09, 2006

My Clean Slate

Today is a perfect day for yard work. Temperatures on the cool side, a little cloud cover, and a landscaping crew - now that's the way to get things done!

Gary and I got the measuring tape out early this morning to double check our design thoughts. Soon Landscaper Guy came and painted out the borders, then the crew moved in and started work. It sure didn't take long for them to get the edging down and the dirt leveled smooth, plus the conduit in the ditch.

By noon they had the rock laid down. Early next week the sod will be laid and a little retaining wall put in between the yard and the kids' play area. As for the weekend, I think we'll be staining the underside of the deck. Unfortunately, a robin built her nest atop the light fixture by the basement door. I thought she'd abandon it with all the activity in the back yard, but she's still hanging around. The nest is going to have to come down when they start cutting the siding for the new doors. Poor mama.

My goodness, now the fun really starts - plant selection!


Connie said...

Looks good Von! So what's going to be grass and what is going to be plants????

Jenna said...

Wow, these guys are good, Von! What progress they've made in such a short period of time. :)