Thursday, June 08, 2006


Wednesday morning the landscaper started our project. In about two hours, the man on the bobcat had finished the leveling and dug out a line to lay electrical conduit for a planned fountain in the corner of the yard. Wow! An empty slate!

Landscaper Shaun will be back bright and early in the morning to plot out the patio area, then get the crew in to begin digging out and installing edging, maybe even get the rock in.

Tonight was my Bunco party and we all had a blast. The evening was just a little breezy, but not too bad, and a nice temperature, so I set up one table on my little deck. Many of the girls didn't even know I had a deck as I usually have Bunco in cooler months and it's dark when they arrive. The one regret I have is that I didn't get the gas tank for my fireplace changed as it would be been a perfect evening to have the fire going. My theme for this party was birds, so I stamped birdhouses on the cards, then my prizes were various kinds of hummingbird feeders, which everyone seemed to love.

It's a lot of work to get ready - mostly cleaning the house - but I enjoy doing it as the main living areas are clean and tidy for awhile! I rounded up the boys and made them do some of the cleaning, so while it wasn't done as well as it probably should have been, an attempt was made. I really have to have a housecleaning session every day, maybe after lunch. If we all worked hard for half an hour, maybe I wouldn't get so grouchy. I just really need to delegate better than I've done lately, then do a follow-up inspection.

Well, off for a glass of wine, look at my landscape plan, then bed!


Rachael said...

First of all - Everything you wrote about house cleaning could have been written by me- clean a little everyday- delegate- get everyone to help- don't get grumpy. Maybe someday. I seem to get quite a bit done from 6:30 in the morning untill 7:30. The I sit down at the computer for a bit- then I get on with my day which way too seldom includes more house work! Your yard looks cool. I know it will be wonderful when it is finished , but isn't it kind of neat to have a blank canvas to dream about- with it so empty it must feel like anything is possible.

Lili said...

Big big works!!!
I also wish I could delegate. Every time I ask, they become grumpy! Am I supposed to like cleaning the house? I just HATE it! And it's very painful for my back... So I have to get angry and all -and finally I wonder if I'd better not do it myself as it's poorly done... Relate to that?
That was the day's ranting!
Lots of stitching hugs, dear Von!

Lelia said...


'maybe I wouldn't get so grouchy'

Hey, are we female or what? perhaps, we should start the day with WINE and have a backwards sort of day.

With the kids home for summer ... this joint is a total mess & I don't feel like delegating, crabbing, or begging.

Let me be. i declare this is my DAY OFF -- (wishful thinking as i grab the broom & litter bin)

Carol said...

You're off to a great start with your new garden/yard - this is so cool!

Connie said...

Von, this is so exciting to see your dreams of so many years actually become reality before our very eyes! You must be almost beside yourself!! I love watching the development of your oasis!