Thursday, February 23, 2006

Termination Winds

The wind is blowing again today, filling the air with sand that irritates eyes and lungs, and grits in your teeth. Back in the 1940s when the nearby Hanford project was in full swing, the wind would kick up like this and the people would line up to quit their job and get out of here, thus "termination winds". I can understand why many left this area as I just hate the wind. My children, who were all raised here, absolutely love the wind! Well, it's a good thing for them, as wind is a force we have to deal with, especially this time of year. I tend to hunker down in my house and watch the trees waving their branches at me - it's quite hypnotic! Now that I have older children who can drive, I can send one of them out to run errands when the wind is blowing, but I'm not so lucky this morning as she is at school. Thursday is one of my busy mornings ferrying kids around, so I put on my jacket, squint my eyes, and hurry in and out of my SUV as quickly as I can before I get a headache. So far, so good.

Well, stitching progress has been a little slow this week, but I have been working on Star of Wonder, and "P".
Just have to finish up the sheep and I'll be done with this little ornament that I've been doing with the stitchers at FGBB.
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on this "P"! I am really loving this floss too, it's great fun stitching with it.

I can't close without saying another big "Thank You" to Anne S. for passing along the chart and leftover threads of M Designs "Thistle Treasure Bag". Ever since my sister and I visited Scotland together, I've had a thing for thistle designs, and this little bag will scratch that itch!


Sew-in-Love said...

Those are lookin' good, Von!

Hugs, Elisabeth=)

Barbara said...

Von, thanks a kabillion for the wonderful pick-me-up! The silks are just gorgeous, and the charts all look like so much fun! Now to get myself back into sorts and get stitching!!

KarenV said...

Your ornament is looking great Von! It's unlikely that I'm going to get to stitch this one in Feb, but I'm still hoping to stitch it this year.

Your 'P' is coming along nicely too - great colour!

Isabelle said...

Von, your projects are lovely!! I adore The Thread Gatherer's silks - just received my first skein for DT's Summer into Autumn :)

Thank you so much for your prayers for my little sis and me :) They were MUCH appreciated :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mia said...

Von, your progress pictures are great. I love "P". Very delicate and pretty looking.

I will join you in the "I hate Wind" club. We are having a very windy day here. Our temps are supposed to be in the high 40s but will feel like the low 20s with the wind chill factor. Not my kind of day but I do have to go out in it to get DS from school. That is about it for me today. I plan on hibernating the rest of the day. :)
Have a great weekend!!

Myrna said...

Hi Von!

The "P" is looking awesome! I love the colors in the fibers you have chosen.

Have a great weekend!


Jenna said...

How wonderful of Anne to pass along the fibers and chart of her thistle bag. Maybe you'd be willing to send along the chart to me when you're done? LOL.

Your P is looking really good. I think I'm going to try doing the J from the current free Passione Ricamo alphabet as a small scissors fob or something as somewhat of a test drive. Don't let me forget to start my Spring Banner up again on the 1st! ;)

BeckySC said...

Oh, "P" is looking wonderful! I too love the colors...YUMMY!!
Your ornie is looking adorable as well :)

hugs to you :)

Shelleen said...

Your projects look great. We have had some wind as well and with the cold you just want to bundle up in a blanket next to a fireplace :-)

Bastet said...

Both WIPS are looking wonderful. We've been having some chilly gusting winds out here as well. Wouldn't have been too bad weather wise if it hadn't been for the winds.

Senorita Stitches said...

I guess one cannot wear contacts in that weather. I would have to get glasses and I haven't worn glasses in over 20 years. I like breezes, but not winds.

I'm loving your "P". I like all the honey series of Thread Gatherer.


Mylene said...

Hi Von, i undesrtand how you feel about the wind, since i came to live here on the island, i have to get used to it as we get lots of it or rather feel it than those lives on the mainland. Just like now, it makes it awefully cold!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Carol said...

Thanks for the info on geocaching :-) Sounds fun, in a guy kind of way LOL

Your WIPS look wonderful! We are having a lot of strong winds here in New Hampshire and Massachusetts (where I work) too. Like you, I hate them. They've been very dangerous in the past two weeks, a lot of deaths - cars crushed by trees while driving and such terrible things :-(

bunnyhead said...

That floss on P really is gorgeous. How nice to have been passed along such a lovely project!

Sylvie said...

They are all great. Awww your floss on P!!!

AnneS said...

Star of Wonder is looking great ... unfortunately my fabric has only just arrived, after being on order for a full month hmmm ... I'll probably still stitch it now, though, as well as the current month's ornament. And your "P" really is gorgeous :D