Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quick Post

We're in Boise this weekend visiting family. Gary's dad is getting stronger and we're hoping he will soon be able to have the surgery to correct his hip and get him going again. He's determined to get back on that cruise ship and get through the Panama Canal! If that desire gives him the mental and emotional strength to improve his physical condition, well, "You go to it, Dad!"

The weather here has been beautiful. Almost springlike temperatures - almost. So we left the jackets in the car for our shopping jaunts. The main objective this trip was to find new bedding for dd Melanie. The plan is to redo her room, but we hadn't found the right bed set, so no progress has been made yet. Thankfully we found a very nice set, in the price range (!) at KMart! Yay!! Now we can go forward with picking paint and wallcovering. :D

Of course, a trip to Boise isn't complete without a trip to the LNS. Lucky I made it as I learned they'll be moving to a new space, but just down the strip mall a ways. Bought a few pieces of linen, needles, and some lovely silks - her AVAS was on sale so how could I pass that up!! Pictures to follow when we get home. Unfortunately, her inventory continues to decline, and I didn't see anything new in the store from my last visit.

Hope all of you have had a wonderful, stitching-filled weekend, or at least filled with some kind of fun! Thanks for all your lovely comments!


anneke said...

I think a trip to the LNS would make my whole weekend. I'm not gonna wine about it, but we haven't a LNS! I can get my floss local if I really need it, but it's so expensive I usually buy it on the internet. (€ 1,25 for one DMC skin of 8 m).
That's why I'm so grateful for the internet!
I hope your FIL is getting as strong as necessary for his surgery.
Good luck on Melanies room!

Lana said...

Hi Von! i have been having ot use DH computer as mine went ka-put. so, i don't have all my favorites on this comp, so I am trying to get all my blogs read through other people's links! Well, Your M designs "P" looks great! i love the thread you are using! I have been thinking about doing one of their pieces, a "J" for our last name, here. but haven't ordered it yet. We shall see, anyway, it looks good! Keep it up!

Terri said...

Happy to see that you're having a good time on vacation. Miss seeing your progress on your cross stitch.

Rachael said...

I think a trip through the Panama Canal is a great reward for your FIL to encourage himself to get better. Definitly a dream of mine. I hope he makes it.
Congratulations on finding new bedding for Melanie. Never easy to find just what your kids are looking for.

Katrina said...

Hi Von, hope you had a good weekend, and of course, a trip to the lns always makes it a good one :) I wish my lns had avas threads, they're hard to come by here in NZ.

AnneS said...

Great to hear the news about your FIL - sounds like he's really on the mend, and has the right attitude to keep battling on :D