Sunday, December 11, 2005

End of the Weekend

The days are truly getting away from me, as per usual in December. Friday evening I took Melanie and Kirsten to see the local production of "The Nutcracker". As always, they do a spectacular job, especially considering the size of our community! We knew several of the girls performing and that makes it even better.

Saturday I spent several hours at the family Christmas party for the Mothers of Twins club I belong to. The last two years, I've given up most of my participation in the club (trying to concentrate my efforts here at home), but I arrange to have this party at our church, so I'm there from opening to closing. I try to greet everyone as they come in and point them in the right direction, gather up the Santa gifts, help Santa find a spot to get ready, catch up with friends, and get my twin baby fix!!!

My crafting desk is cluttered with paper, stamps, glue, etc. trying to get some cards made for Christmas. Way fun, but I need to create a design that's a little simpler and faster :) At my stitching chair, I'm continuing word on that alphabet piece. Should be finishing that up in a couple of days, provided the floss holds.

Sunday my friends Paul and Joyce took Melanie on an artist studio tour where several local artists opened their studios for the public to come see and to talk with the artists. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to talk with some artists and get ideas for herself. While Melanie was on the tour, we had Karis and Kara (who belong to P&J) here to spend the afternoon with my kids who are close in age. So everyone had a fun afternoon! Son Geoff had to work at Best Buy this afternoon to closing, so I suppose his day could have been better, at least I'm sure he thinks so.

Well, Monday will soon be here. I'll need to be baking some more bread and cleaning up the living room to finally get that tree up and decorated. Guess I'd feel more in the mood if I could just come up with some ideas of gifts for the kids. The thing is, we just don't need any more toys around here and while I'd like to just buy a "family gift" we could all enjoy - the younger ones in particular will want things under the tree. Argh!!


Cathy said...

Von - Time is getting away from me too - December is half over and Christmas is 12 days away! Hang in there - I will too!

Jenna said...

Ah yes, join the club. I feel the same way. The past few months have just been so off for me that I feel like I will never catch up! Necessity is the mother of invention, right? So, here's to inventing new ways of getting things done for the holidays! :)

Mystie said...

The house smelled so yummy when I stopped to pick up the boys' coats! If the boys hadn't been strapped into the running car, I probably would have tried hunting around for fresh bread to steal! :)