Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aw Shucks!

Thanks for your comments on my baking and cards. As with most things in my life - I cheat, lol!
Twelve loaves of bread is quite a lot, but I have an old Bosch mixer that does the mixing and kneading for me. It'll knead dough for up to six loaves in a batch, thus I made two batches yesterday. All I have to do is plop the dough into the pan, let rise, and bake. I would never knead that much dough on my own!!

As for whipping out the birthday cards, the design was based on some Christmas cards I've been working on, which were based on a project we did at last month's stamping club. So you see - no originality here! I just know where to go to get ideas!! In addition to some of the magazines I pick up, I like to browse through a couple of websites for ideas. If anyone is interested, you can go to:


I just found Two Peas from Vero M's blog last week. She had a link to the stamping/scrap rooms that you will find in the gallery - 138 pages of them! Now, not all of them are rooms, but most are or are pics of organizational ideas. She's responsible for all the extra time I've been wasting looking at all these wonderful rooms when I should be decorating my Christmas tree!


BeckySC said...

STILL talent there, Von :) :) :)

Katrina said...

Hi Von, I've recently found your blog so thought I'd drop by and say hello, and thank you for stopping by my blog too. Katrina in New Zealand

Barbara said...

No originality? Ha! Who do you think is going to believe that? You simply create wonderful projects - cross stitching, smocking, baking, card making ... and probably lots & lots more we don't know anything about!