Friday, December 16, 2005


At last I can join with the others who've had great mail days lately. Yesterday I received my package from Boise containing the chart and all the supplies needed for Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm by Victoria Sampler. Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait to start!

My Christmas tree is finally up and the lights are on! Yes, I'm one of those people with an artificial tree. I love real trees and insisted upon them for years. Life, however, has gotten crazy and with this tree, I can erect it as early or as late in the season as it fits our schedule, and take it down whenever it suits us. I don't worry about the thing drying out and my vacuum doesn't fill with pine needles. If I miss the scent, I can buy a wreath! We'll get the ornaments on later today - probably a little here, a little there as we walk by.

My cards are piling up nicely and I even have a start on the Christmas letter. The kids are off school next week, so I can rope them into doing more household chores, and getting some baking done together. Woot!

As you can see in the pic, we're in the midst of another seige of the Inversion - grayness and cold day after day after day. Yesterday we had a little freezing drizzle so all after school activities were cancelled. You can also see that our neighbor to the back is the railroad! The little train rumbles by fairly infrequently and very slowly. The engineers toot at the kids when they run to the window or deck.

Stitching has taken a back seat to other more pressing Christmas activities, but this weekend I will work hard at finishing that alphabet piece, now that my floss has arrived. I found the perfect frame for it at Craft Warehouse! A pic will be posted after Christmas.


Barbara said...

Your tree certainly looks a lot more natural than others I've seen!

The VS sampler is wonderful - can't wait to see it once you get going on it!

Jenna said...

Your tree looks great, Von! We have an artificial tree, as well. I don't like having to worry about dropped needles, the tree drying out, etc.

I agree with Barbara, I can't wait until you start into the Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm sampler. :)

AnneS said...

Your tree is gorgeous - we've always had an artificial tree, and I still love them. Look forward to seeing you start the Jingle Bell piece ... we're all going to be waiting with baited breath ;)

Danielle said...

Did you complete the VS Jingle Bells Farm? I'm afraid I didn't get far, and now I fear I won't pull it out to work on it! :( Oh well, there is always next year!