Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The sun is shining this morning! We were supposed to get a little snow last night, but it must have fallen elsewhere - as usual. No complaints here, although freshly fallen snow is beautiful. I'd just prefer most of it fall in the mountains for the skiers!

Yesterday was gray, so hard to get me motivated to do much. I did get the tv viewing area of the family room cleaned up and furniture moved around. I just don't feel like it's clean unless I've moved the sofa! Will have to change it again in a few days as we'll be putting up the small Christmas tree for the kids.

We finished listening to "Speaker for the Dead" last night. Gary is going to get the next book in the series, "Xenocide". We really enjoy having someone read to us, while we do other things - I stitch or work in the kitchen. Gary is usually looking at something on the internet. He likes having several things occupying his mind at once.

Today Hans and Jaeger will be here, so need to get some housework done before they come.


Barbara said...

Oh we LOVE that series! It's one of Card's best!!

AnneS said...

I love talking books - it means I can do two passions at once, stitching and reading. Just wish my local library had a better selection ... hmmm. Speaker for the Dead sounds interesting ... might have to look into it :)