Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gray Skies

Another day of gloomy weather. In actuality it's not bad out there, just a little damp, a little chilly. But oh so gray. I do not function well, especially beyond the second gray day and today is the third day.

But, other than the weather, it's been a fine weekend. My husband has been quite useful this weekend! We moved an old tv to the family room in the basement to replace one that was dying. He started to connect the old Sony to all our Homesat satellite equipment, but the Sony is so old it doesn't have all the required connections. Oh my, what to do?? DS Geoff works at Best Buy, let's buy a new one! We ended up with a 32" tv that I can easily see while working at my craft desk, yippee! Now it's he's working on getting all the equipment cleaned up, sorted out, and reconnected in a more organized way so that Momma is happy!

DD Kirsten is quite happy too - she now has her own "room". She and Melanie (17) have been sharing forever and she's become quite tired of Melanie coming in after Kirsten (8) is trying to sleep, turning on the light, and doing whatever it is she does. (The mess in the room from these two girls can be frightening!) Kirsten recently realized that there is now an empty corner in our laundry room and thinks it is perfect for a new bedroom. While it's not perfect, I think we can make it work for awhile. So Daddy also brought down her little bed and we have it all set up. Kirsten loves it and she even made her bed this morning without my reminding her to do so.

I've been helping Gary move things around, cleaning stuff, trying to get some laundry done, looking at email now and then, and not stitching (pout). This afternoon I've been roasting a turkey and carving it to take to church tonight for our annual Thanksgiving feast. Now I must get back to the kitchen to finish making the gravy and I'll be ready to go - more than an hour before I need to leave! It's a miracle!


Barbara said...

Sounds like some very good rearranging is going on at your house. Our two youngest share a room for now, but eventually they'll need their own and we'll loose our library. Boo hoo!

AnneS said...

I can appreciate where Kirsten is coming from ... when I first moved to Aussie I had to share a room with my best male friend (loooooong story), and he'd come home at all hours after nightclubbing etc and make a racket - don't remember often getting a good 8 hours solid sleep ... it's so much nicer to have your own 'space', even at that young age :)