Friday, November 18, 2005

A Better Day

Well, we have mostly recovered from the bug that has plagued the Paulson household this week, although Brendan had a relapse this morning. Most of us are still not eating as we normally would and for some of us that is a good thing!

I didn't spend much time reading blogs or email today, but I did get some cards made. I really needed to make several suitable sympathy cards as there have been a couple of sad, but expected, deaths in friends' families. Six cards were completed today leaving me a few in reserve that I can send in a more timely manner next time the need arises.

Then tonight was my monthly stamp club. My friend Janet is such a talented lady and always has fabulous projects for us to do. She had three cards for us, two of which involved using a new tool I'd never used before called an aquabrush. It has a reservoir to hold water that you can squeeze down throught the paintbrush to dilute the ink or paint - whatever you're using. It's a very forgiving tool as you can go over it with a little more ink, or more water, to get the effect you want. Such fun!!


Barbara said...

Wow, what lovely cards! Is there anything you don't do??

Dawn said...

Those are beautiful!! And yes I removed the pic of the fabby for a bit. I had to resize and while in the middle of it kids exploded. LOL Anyways it is back now and thanks for the compliment. :D

AnneS said...

Glad to hear you're all on the mend again :) Your latest projects look like fun! I used to do stamping as well, but my tiny stash is still in NZ - you have a great range of crafts, it's awesome!