Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My DH has set up an on-line honey-do list that I can add to and remove from as the spirit moves me. How did he know that I had just started a memo page in Outlook for just this purpose! This will be much better as there's more chance that he'll actually look at the Ta-Da list. You can find out more about it at: http://www.tadalist.com/?ref=public

Well, I tried to continue on with the scotch stitch around the AB last night, but had to do more frogging than anything. Maybe I'll try to do some during the day, but that's not going to happen - the grandbabies will be here this afternoon!!

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Connie said...

Now if my honey just knew how to use the internet, this would be fantastic!!! I may just use it myself.

Thanks for the link.