Monday, October 03, 2005

Quiet Weekend except . . .

for the coughing. Kevin and Kirsten in particular were experiencing some cold symptoms and so rather than wish I'd kept them home when they started coughing during the sermon, I actually kept them home and stayed with them myself. Over the weekend I got some stitching done on Autumn Banner, corrected some schoolwork, did some laundry and ironing, and the usual household upkeeping. Friday evening I was out for my monthly stamp club at Janet's. We made two cards and a cute little "purse" to hold them. Janet always comes up with wonderful projects! Saturday morning Gary and Geoff drove out to Sunnyside to join the OCRC men's book study, then Melanie took the remaining kids to Richland to help out with the Walk for Life, earning community service hours for their Cadet and American Heritage Girls programs. That left me home alone for a couple of hours - lovely!!

I'm facing a dilemma with my Autumn Banner. I've started the scotch stitch with the overdye and it is looking gorgeous, but I'm thinking I need to change the color of the little flowers in the letters and in the motif next to the overdye. The flowers are pink which just looks out of place next to the coral, creamy tan and lavender of the overdye. I may pull out a few and audition a golden silk thread; it seems more autumny to me.


Connie said...

Can I see? will you send me a picture?


Von said...

I'll have to see if I can do it tomorrow as Gary has the camera in his car.