Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kevin and Kyle are Twelve!

At last, the countdown is over! All month, during breakfast no less, we've been reminded that there are a certain number of days until the twins' birthday, sometimes even the number of hours. Today is the long-awaited day!

Yesterday evening their friend Keith arrived to spend the night. We had pizza for dinner, then I took them to the mall to see the Wallace and Gromit movie. Once they got back home, they began the cherished pillow fight. This takes place down in the basement and I am upstairs far away from the festivities :) Sometime around 1 a.m. they fell asleep, but awoke around 6 to begin the day with Runescape. I finally got breakfast prepared, puff pancakes (or German pancakes) made with fresh eggs given to us by Melanie's friend, Daniel. Wow! What a difference in flavor fresh eggs make!! They escaped back to the basement. Later I drug them out into the sunshine to have lunch at the Red Robin. They were really hungry and Kevin ate the entire Monster burger, Kyle ate most of his chiliburger, and Keith did well on his chicken burger. We came home to open presents and eat cake with the rest of the family that were here and some of the neighbor boys. Keith gave them the new Bionicle movie, so they watched that until Keith had to leave for home. A highlight of the afternoon was Hans' phone call to the boys to wish them a happy birthday :)

Now Keith is gone, the neighbors are gone, it's really quiet around here! I hauled some more compost over to the front foundation planter and a few rocks for the border. There's lots more to do there, but it seems like such a little job after getting the rose garden full. Guess I should clean up some of the mess inside now, saving some for Kirsten to do as she did the decorating :)

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