Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Poor little Kirsten finally has the chickenpox. Monday morning she complained of not feeling well and headache and she had two little pox. She slept much of the day, but felt better in the evening when Matt and Mystie arrived with the boys to continue the twins' birthday celebration. This morning, her tummy and back were sprinkled with more pox, and by afternoon they were appearing on her neck, hairline, and down her legs. She felt quite well, however, and so I 've been having her do some schoolwork.

Hans and Jaeger arrived this afternoon, as usual, and given another exposure to the chickenpox. I'm sure in two weeks they will have their own spots!


Barbara said...

Sounds like non stop fun! Our had such light cases of chicken pox we're just waiting for them to get it again. Good luck & speedy recoveries wished to all!

Von said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Barbara! Kirsten is more tired today, so is sleeping in Mommy's bed :) No school for her today.

Elly L. said...

Great, chickenpox. Ahh... the joy. All I can say is that it's absolutely essential to have an immunity (natural or artificial) before you're 6 months pregnant and sprinkled from head to toe with probably a thousand, permanently scarring, itchy chicken-pox. Not to mention the aching back and only tylenol-aided misery.

Best wishes for Kirsten's recovery (if she isn't completely well already!)