Friday, October 21, 2005

The Stitching Chair

Here is my new stitching chair! It's quite a bit more stylish than the old thing that has been banished to the basement, and one day soon, it's headed to a dumpster! Next to it is my trusty Ott light which is indispensable to these middle-aged eyes I find myself with these days. To the left is one of two new end tables (with little storage drawers for WIPS!) and atop is one of two new table lamps which I needed to complete the room :)
I haven't made further progress on Autumn Banner the last couple of days. One reason is I had been preparing for our SAGA meeting last night. We are making smocked Christmas ornaments, so I pleated this piece of satin, a leftover from DD#1's wedding, and found the perfectly coordinating floss and beads in my stash! Can't wait to see this one finished. I have enough fabric leftover to decorate probably three or four trees, lol!!

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Lelia said...

Nice stitching chair! And table & lamp. Here, we are still using contemporary Salvation Army pieces. I keep telling myself that once the kids & pets leave this nest ... we get new stuff!! I noticed you didn't photograph your hidden stuff, either.

Love your Autumn. Smocking, too? You are very crafty. I just stick to stitching & reading.

Enjoy your week-end