Thursday, October 20, 2005

Five Hours to Boise, and a little more sometimes

My DH is away from home for a few days visiting his dad who has been in the hospital for several weeks. DFIL (84) and his wife were on a cruise when he got out of bed in the night and fell, breaking his hip. They got him to the hospital in Acapulco where a pin was put into the hip. The dear man just doesn't do well with surgery these days and he was once again laid low. After an eternity (or so it seemed) he was able to get a medical flight to Boise and he's been in the hospital there recovering. He has good days and bad and yesterday was a bad day. Gary had been trying to decide if and when he should get away to see his dad and yesterday's events made the decision for him, even though things had straightened out by the end of the day. He came home from the office, ate dinner and took a nap, arising about 10 p.m. to arrange the Homesat tapes so that I can manage the taping while he's away. He made it safely to Boise this morning after taking a rest at the Huntington (Oregon) rest area. This getting old stuff isn't much fun, but what a blessing to have family to share the pain and the joy.

Gary's departure puts a kink into some of our weekend plans, but it will all work out fine. Kevin and Kyle's birthday is Saturday and we were planning a little family bbq, but that can be rescheduled and we'll do something else on the birthday! Melanie will be housesitting out in Benton City for a co-worker this weekend, so we won't be seeing her and Geoff will be working at Best Buy on Saturday. It'll be a quiet day here!!

It's been a long time since I've added a picture to my posts and I'm hoping that I will soon be able to add them without relying on DH's camera. He had an unused one laying around that he has given to me, and finally found a cord for it so that I can download the pics onto my computer. Now I just have to corral DS#1 to teach me how to do it all!

Today is a bright autumn day following a little rain yesterday. The air is so crisp and clear! Leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and soon I'll have a better view of the Columbia River from the north side of my house. A little later the grandsons will be here to play, their parents will join us for dinner, and then I'll rush out for my smocking guild meeting. A very pleasant day!

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