Thursday, October 20, 2005

Stitching Room Photos

Veronique urged her blog readers to post pictures of their stitching rooms today and here are mine!

I have taken over a portion of the family room in our basement for my crafts. Currently I'm using one regular office desk for my homeschooling supplies and books, and next to it is an L-shaped desk for all my fun activities. The table in the middle is a regular banquet-type table that is elevated with pvc pipes up to counter height where I can easily cut paper, fabric, or pleat fabric. You can also see one of my favorite little helpers, Hans, my 2 year old grandson!

Here you can see that under my cutting table I have some of my fabric stored in plastic tubs, some rubber stamps and odds and ends in the wire baskets, and scrapbooking supplies in the black and clear plastic carts. On top of the nearest cart is my grandmother's embroidery basket, one of my dearest treasures!

Here is another storage cart with more rubberstamps, ribbon, and envelopes. Next to it on the old chest are my two sewing machines. I have a Janome Memory Craft 3000 that's about 8 years old, and next to it is my brand new serger, a Husquvarna Viking Huskylock 936 :)

Nearby is the closet under the stairs that I may show you sometime - now that's scary!! But I have been working on it. I'll end with photos of my two grandsons, Hans and Jaeger (4 months).


Vero M said...

Ooh la la..You lucky !! Your stitching room is HUGE :-)) and you have a lot of
I think you really enjoy this room.
Thanks for posting this..and your 2 gransons are too too cute.


Connie said...

VON! Jaeger looks just like MYSTIE!! Good grief, talk about going back in time!

You done quite a bit of work in your stitching looks great. My stitching closet is pretty pathetic. Oh well, at least I have my computer room back!!

off to Maui in 26 hours!
love you,

Lelia said...

Woah! Never mind my previous post. Looks like you have a beautiful room ; ) Wow. That is awesome. And tidy. And organized.

Darling grandchildren, too.

Barbara said...

Oh my heavens. You could charge the rest of us admission just to come and stitch in your basement. What a wonderful setup you have!

Carol in Pa said...

Ha! I finally found you, Von! Wonderful setup and the kiddies look wonderful too!!

Carol in Pa.

Anonymous said...
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