Thursday, September 29, 2005

Working on Autumn Banner

I'm at the halfway point on Autumn Banner having completed the hemstitching and satin pins portions last night. The hemstitching on this banner proceeded flawlessly, in distinct contrast to my experience on the Summer Banner! I think that my brain synapses were not making a complete connection while I was counting, withdrawing, and reweaving fabric threads. I had to withdraw about fifteen threads from the upper portion of the fabric in order to finish the job correctly. I've never had so many problems hemstitching before! I have been stitching this banner in hand instead of on roller bars as most Victoria Sampler designs call for.


Connie said...

This is turning out beautiful Von! I like the colors you have chosen for the lettering! Which overdye are you using this time?

I have a new post..not much, but at least it is something.

love you,

Von said...

Thanks, Connie! For this banner I'm using Waterlilies Harvest which introduces some lavender, creamy caramel and coral, and more green to the design. I'm really excited to get to it and see how it works.