Sunday, September 18, 2005

Deep In Sheep Doo

DH and DS1 borrowed a pickup yesterday morning to haul a load of composted sheep manure home for my garden. Early in the spring I grabbed shovel and pick to begin digging out the roots of the pine tree that had been growing to the west of the garage for forty years. With help from my boys and neighbors that horrendous job was accomplished and I proceeded to dig a 2 ft deep trench around the perimeter of the garden. The first load of sheep doo was brought in and mixed with the old worn out dirt I had dug out, and I planted seven wonderful roses from Heirloom Roses near Portland. The boys and I got busy again - the dirt pile grew, the rock pile grew, the smaller roots of the tree were extracted until the remaining garden area had been dug out. Horse manure was shoveled in to compose the bottom layer - and that is where the project stalled. The heat of the summer made the job too difficult to continue.

Now summer heat is in the past, vacation time is over, and the huge gaping hole in my yard is nagging at me to be filled. Thus it was that I warned my DH the week before that as we were to be home on the 17th, we really had to get back to work. Reluctantly, he complied. :) We worked most of the afternoon screening out the old dirt, mixing it with compost, and dumping it into the hole. By 4:30 my feet, arms and back had had enough. Gary went on to other things; what did I do? Got out the hedge clippers and cut at two shrubs at the house entry. They're looking much better, but I am much worse for the wear.

Could I possibly have a relaxing evening, not quite! Cookie duty at church is on my schedule for this morning, so cookies had to be baked. DD3 gave me a hand (thank goodness for 8 year olds who really want to help) and we baked 12 doz. cookies. Sat down with my foot massager, then went to bed at 9:30. Today I shall stitch!!!

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Connie said...

Wow, Von, sounds like you were busy this weekend! Did you get your hole all filled in to your liking? And were you able to get any stitching done Sunday? See my blog about my weekend...