Friday, September 16, 2005

New Routines

The new school year has begun and the family is getting back into the school year routine, with a couple of new twists this year. Our assistant pastor has moved to Pennsylvania so the kids do not have catechism class on Mondays this year. This is fine as they receive good instruction in Sunday School, however, last year several moms took the catechism hour to enjoy fine coffee and fellowship at a nearby coffee shop - that I miss.

And this school year I babysit my two grandchildren (Hans and Jaeger) Tuesday and Thursday afternoons while DD1 teaches literature at Coram Deo.
This works better for me this year as my younger homeschooled children can complete most of their school work before the little boys arrive. On Thursdays I continue to care for the boys as DD1 and DD2 teach American Heritage Girls at church. Then DSIL comes here after work, the kids come home from church, and we share dinner together. Very nice :)

In all my years of homeschooling (17) I've found that every year is different with new challenges; there is no one routine that works every year. Nothing stays the same like change.


Mystie said...

Doesn't the number in dx# refer to age? :)

I think this year's schedule will work out very well as long as I can get Hans to at least rest before coming over.

Von said...

well, not being an expert, I suppose it could, but I think I've seen children referred to in this way - perhaps I was totally misunderstanding :)

Mystie said...

It probably can be either way. It's ok, I don't mind being #1 rather than 23. :)