Wednesday, November 29, 2017

End of November Catchup

It seems the Thanksgiving holiday has thrown me off my blogging game, and my stitching has been mostly set aside. And with all the Christmas busyness, I foresee more of the same for December.

This year, as usual, we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Boise with family there. One of Gary's cousins lives on the way in to Boise, so we stop by to visit with that side of the family on Wednesday evening. Thursday the more immediate family gathers at his brother's house and my sister and her family join us. Friday much of the gang did some Black Friday celebrating down at Payette Brewing Company. They had a special line-up of dark beers which my family likes. I volunteered to stay home and babysit little Gideon. That night we went to a friend's home in Eagle for a gathering. Saturday we went out to the Sunnyslope area for some wine tasting at Koenig, Vizcaya, Syringa, and Indian Creek wineries, ending up in Kuna for dinner at Enrique's for great Mexican food. And Sunday we journeyed home.

Sunset at Indian Creek Winery

Thanksgiving brings in baking season and I've already baked 10 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread, plus a batch of dinner rolls and 2 loaves of sandwich bread. The next couple of weeks my Bosch mixer will really get a work out!

My Bosch mixer in kneading mode
This week I've been preparing for our company Christmas dinner which is this Sunday evening, mostly agonizing over buying gifts for the Dirty Santa part of the evening. But this year I enlisted daughter Kirsten to lend a hand and we finished up this morning!

My stitching projects haven't seen much action, but I did do a small amount that I can show you.

This is the Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery. Perhaps after my events are over, I'll have time to get this finished before Christmas!

That's all for now, friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. What a glorious sunset you captured. The LK piece is looking lovely.

Mary said...

Von, you have certainly been baking up a storm, I bet the cinnamon bread is delicious, I love it warm with just a little butter.
Gorgeous sunset and the LK stitch is another sweet one I'm not familiar with. Happy Baking!! Mary

RJ said...

Von sounds like a wonderful and fun trip. That sunset was amazing! I can smell that cinnamon bread and know it tastes heavenly. I'm sure everyone loves receiving a loaf. Your Lizzie Kate mystery stitch is coming along great. I really look forward to how it turns out. Happy stitching and baking and lots of fun days. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Pamela said...

You are so busy! Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving with family. I like your Christmas cross-stitch.

Julie said...

What a stunning sunset.
Nothing beats the smell of home baking.

Brigitte said...

Family gathering, get-together with friends, some beer and wine tasting - sounds really very good to me. So you must have had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. And the L*K mystery has also received some attention from you :)))

diamondc said...

Hi Von: I love the Christmas Season, the prep is not so bad but the take down kills me almost.
I love the Lizzie Kate Mystery Stitch, I am looking forward to seeing the finished stitch design.
Beautiful sunset photo.

Merry Christmas

Barb said...

My lack of commenting and posting shows you haw busy we have been. On top of everything else, our DD has moved and we have spent lots of time helping her. I love that beautiful picture. We are sure hoping for some sun next week!